Jesus Cares About Your Small Business

“Jesus Cares About Your Small Business,” is not a slogan that is restricted to a group of people who own a business, but rather is an example of how God wants to send His blessings to many areas of our lives. So much of life has become agenda-driven that we have lost confidence in the truth and integrity of many business statements and corporate news. The truth is far more than a mission statement. God cares about all your concerns. Jesus loves the little children and He also cares about all the animals, the oceans, and our environment. God really loves the idea of America, because he cares about people having liberty and freedom and being able to pursue happy things they enjoy doing. Jesus cares about you being lonely and he cares that you haven’t seen friendly faces at the store in a long while because they are covered up with a mask. God designed every aspect of life and He cares deeply about all these things. He knows the dangers corporate biotech companies are dragging the world into through genetically modified organisms and the pursuit of drug companies to experiment with mRNA vaccines or Johnson’s tiny key protein injection that can turn our antibodies against us. He sees way beyond what we can see. Jesus cares about your desire to get married and He cares about the growth of your marriage. Marriage is an institution He created to bring two very different people together, in a similar way to how God is very different from us, we receive training from each other through this institution of marriage that prepares us for eternity with Him. He is the only one who has the answers to our problems, but He is rarely sought out by humans for these answers and He refrains from forcing Himself on us. He speaks to us in metaphors throughout the Bible and in ways that require us to spend time figuring out what He is saying. I believe He really prefers not to order us around, but to stimulate our thoughts to seek Him out over something that He desires.

I have been greatly influenced by all the pastors I have sat under, as well as many nationally known teachers and writers, such as Bill Johnson, Bill Gothard, Rick Joyner, Ed Silvoso, John Bevere, Mario Murillo, and Jennifer LeClaire. I am so grateful for many up-and-coming movements speaking truth into people from their websites and new uncensored social media platforms. It is not smooth news anchors we need, it is good, honest people who have an important message to share:

DoctorsAmerica’s Frontline Doctors  – new study released.

                 Dr. Sherry Tenpenny  important interview.

MomsMoms Across America and their educational videos.

Engineers – Dane Wigington –

Farmers and food production watchmen –

Pastors, worshipers, and prayer warriors –  search Jesus image worship on YouTube

and the Amazing Women who founded

I also enjoy my weekend edition newspaper and email headline alerts from the Epoch Times.