I will Start Throwing Some of These Prepper Posts on my Blog; Category = DIY

Being a prepper to the level the Red Cross recommends is just being responsible. If you view food storage preparation as a type of insurance policy you simply create a limited budget for that and try to buy food you really do like to eat that you store in a cool place. Try not to buy moist foods and water in plastics as many of them leach plastics into the food over long periods of time (especially avoid oils in plastic). You can also add to that plan by developing your skills in living off the land. Learning to cook edible plants that grow in the wild in your area is an important part of your crisis insurance portfolio. You hope you don’t have to use it but you own the knowledge and have practiced it at least once.

Search the web for edible plants in your area. Here was a great site for California that included recipes:

Foraging Guide Wild Edible Plants in Southern California