How to Comprehend our Nations Situation – Seeing the Spiritual Disease

There is a spiritual disease that causes people to trust man more than God. Man who is easily addicted to money which is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10) is believed ahead of God who cannot lie and in whom is no darkness. Combine this with the fact that man now holds no fear of God in his heart or mind. God allows this to be for His purpose of testing the hearts of men.

Hebrews 6:18a TPT

So it is impossible for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will never change!

James 1:17 TPT

Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.

There is so much opportunity we have in our day of the internet to see how man has repeatedly attempted to cancel God’s desire for humanity. God desires everyone to have the opportunity to discover Him in an atmosphere where God’s will is not forced on them. In order to understand what is happening in our nation you must understand our recent history as seen in the documentary: JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick, which has been posted on Before Its News for the past month.

In history we see wealthy powerful people using the powers of darkness to throw off the ways of God. We see this effort in the build-up to major wars and the development of totalitarian governments. In particular, history shows many examples of political ambition linked up with secret societies. The results have always been bad and include both the Bolshevik revolution and the Nazi movement.1 Anyone is capable of telling a lie, but the results of governments and large networks of people telling coordinated lies are the most destructive. Here are some highlights from The Great Course titled: “The Real History of Secret Societies,” by Professor Richard Spence. He describes the atheistic Communist movement as a world-shaping order that desires to institute control in the economic order of every nation. He says:

The Bolsheviks revolution came out of the Free Mason secret society. They followed a code of conduct where the ends justified the means, which included murder and robbery. They also employed a divide and conquer strategy of infiltrating various organizations. Their methods included selective recruitment, the promise of special knowledge and status, and the demand for absolute loyalty. They were the active minority who opposed a passive majority1.

This type of infiltration has happened to both our Democrat and Republican parties. But Psalm 146 TPT can be your personal declaration of confidence in God. It says this:

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
My innermost being will praise you, Lord!

I will spend my life praising you and
singing high praises to you, my God, every day of my life!

We can never look to men for help;
no matter who they are, they can’t save us,
for even our great leaders fail and fall.
They too are just mortals who will one day die.
At death the spirits of all depart and their bodies return to dust.
In the day of their death all their projects and plans are over.

But those who hope in the Lord will be happy and pleased!
Our help comes from the God of Jacob!

You keep all your promises.
You are the Creator of heaven’s glory,
earth’s grandeur, and ocean’s greatness.

The oppressed get justice with you.
The hungry are satisfied with you.
Prisoners find their freedom with you.

You open the eyes of the blind
and you fully restore those bent over with shame.
You love those who love and honor you.

You watch over strangers and immigrants
and support the fatherless and widows.
But you subvert the plans of the ungodly.

Lord, you will reign forever!
Zion’s God will rule throughout time and eternity!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

The global elite are the flip opposite of the beautiful traits of God declared in Psalm 146.

Professor Richard Spence shows how elite people tampered with German politics in Hitler’s day to create a reactionary movement. One tactic the global elite use, even today in our country, is to play both sides of the contest. We have seen this with presidential candidates where both sides were controlled by the globalists Bush/Gore, Bush/Kerry – both members of Skull & Bones society, and Obama/McCain. No matter who wins they have their man in. For the most horrific evils to occur the spiritual beliefs of the leaders must stay hidden behind a curtain of secrecy the public does not know about. This was true of both Hitler and Obama and others in our era.  Though we as a nation have been deceived by it, God of course never was and He bears with us through the process of coming to see it for what it is. The above documentary shows the role US industry leaders played in arming the Nazis, such as Ford and the Bush patriarch, just as Bill Gates and the tech giants are doing in our day to aid the global government agenda. The documentary also gives the history of how Nazis were recruited into our government accelerating the formation of the deep state in the United States.

There is a barrier between the natural and the supernatural world but that barrier can be broken down. In the 1960’s it was done through various psychedelic drugs. Physical things can alter the brain and create openings for spiritual manipulation. The chemicals sprayed for the last two decades at high altitudes to supposedly to treat “global warming” also have an effect on our brains. We would have a hard time quantifying all the effects of Aluminum Oxide, though many have worked at that (see Stop Spraying California).

Rick Joyner recently commented on the climate change debate stating: “Not only is debate not tolerated, but the threats made to anyone who does not wholeheartedly and unquestionably embrace this theory are a telltale sign that there is deception at the core of this theory. “

Researchers determined decades ago that trace amounts of aluminum in the brain led to Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is also a trace element in many vaccines. They have even added trace amounts of aluminum to vitamin K shots given to new born babies. It just so happens Bill Gates is involved in both of these efforts – vaccines and financing solar blocking aerial spraying, with bigger plans in-work. Thank God for every voice that speaks up against these schemes: (Top Climatologist Slams Bill Gates ‘Terrifying’ Plan To Spray Chemicals In Stratosphere To ‘Dim the Sun’)

We can easily be tricked in the spirit realm. We can be manipulated by those entities we cannot see unless we are led by God’s word and God’s Spirit. In the 1960s many rock stars had transformative experiences after taking psychedelic drugs. Many emerged as different people. It is possible that the transsexual revolution is another example of this kind of experience. Something that changes our physical being that creates a doorway for spirit entities to influence us. This is something God has spoken to me about. God has informed us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, which is a subtle implication that changes to our physical body and chemistry may have unexpected consequences (think mRNA vaccines). It is also shocking that supposed academic experts are once again proposing the use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental illnesses, when history has shown that psychedelic drugs have caused many to become mentally ill.

I believe that when a man marries another man who has been converted to be a woman that person who’s been changed physically in appearance can be possessed by demon spirits in ways that other regular people are resistant to. The resistance to being demon possessed is something that God created into humans. Our mind, soul, and body, have a protective barrier against the demonic unless it’s been altered in certain ways or the person willingly invites demons in. In life you should look out for things that are a gross violation of God’s word. Those are the things that create pressures on us attracting us toward demonic traps. When you see politicians wanting to give children transgender drugs and recommend that they get surgeries it is a demonic priority that has been handed down to them through an unseen chain of command.

We look at these seemingly irrelevant details perhaps like Winston Churchill looked at Hitler’s hatred of the Jews – being confused because it was irrational. This was Winston Churchill’s remark after going to Germany prior to WW2 and seeing the frenzy of Jew hatred that was taking place through the government and in the media. We see the irrational nature of sin but because we can’t see into the demonic realm behind it we listen to the sentimental arguments of desperate people who feel they are the wrong sex, not seeing that it is a strategy to open a demonic portal into them. I believe this issue ties back into the push for bringing aluminum into people’s brains. The same is true of abortion, we fail to see the portal that has been opened and the demons that have been empowered by this act. We are at a critical point as a nation and Christians who think it is not relevant for us to get involved are the most deceived of all.

1. The Real History of Secret Societies, Season 1, Episodes 5 and 6