Hearing Modern Day Parables

I love seeing God’s creativity and magnificent abilities displayed in creation. This also carries over to hearing the eternal gospel in many metaphoric ways out of everyday life. Many times I will notice an artist, movie, or TV series because they treated the Bible and the things of God with respect. The Avengers is one that comes to mind and it did have several nuggets that were good references to God. To me, the movie seemed to be about a time when evil entities would break into our normal world through a portal that was opened. This is closely related to my concerns with CERN. It is also about the sons of God learning to fight together against the demonic realm. My motivation with these posts is to help people see God’s interest in everyone and how He desires them to respond to Him in faith. Pretty much every movie I watch and news article I read these days is an opportunity to respond to God in prayer. He still poses questions to people like He did with the woman at the well in John 4  to get their attention. To understand my comments below you will have to listen to the three songs I cite.

In the Bee Gee’s song Nights on Broadway, it is possible to hear the voice of Jesus longing to have our fellowship restored to what it was in the garden of Eden. The “Nights on Broadway” title seems to point to Matthew 7:13 – broad is the way (Broadway) that leads to destruction. Jesus knows the many things that took His place in our lives, imposters standing between us and Him one after another. This is the picture in the song of a line of people separating two people that should be together.

But as Jesus explained to his disciples most of God’s metaphors are hidden from people who don’t have faith in God. We, His people, are the ones He loves to hide things for. The hidden things we discover cause us to turn our thoughts toward Him and it gives us another way to share Him with those around us. Here is another artist with a prophetic sounding song that fits our day, Peter Schilling’s – The Noah Plan. Today God must give a divine interruption to the world to prevent his plan of salvation from imploding due to evil. Thankfully the interruption He has planned for our day is not a worldwide flood, per his promise in Genesis 9:15, but rather a worldwide revival. As you listen to these songs realize that evil may capture someone’s lust for money or pleasure, but it does not easily capture their heart, which will always have a longing to know their Creator. As a result, despite the devil’s best efforts people have a heart cry for God. We are being called to abandon the ways of earth and long for heaven.

In another Peter Schilling song Major Tom (Coming Home)  Jesus is metaphorically pictured as an astronaut who will come back despite the fact people believe he has died. It is presented alongside the history of earth where Jesus is longing for human lives who have been drifting and falling from Him for so many years.

Metaphor Song ElementsInterpretation
The Computer has the evidenceThe Bible, God’s word.
Send me up a drinkOld Testament drink offering
Collecting requested dataThe books that are being written in heaven on our lives. The question is asked: “what will it effect.” I believe the things we do in this life will affect us for eternity.
Problems at ground controlThe attribute of control that has been a part of religion and church authority through the ages is a major problem, also, religion does not understand the cycles that God allows us to go through.
Second stage is “cut”The New second covenant in his blood.  He was severely cut with a whip and pierced for our transgressions.
Give my wife my loveThe church is the bride of Christ

As a closing note, the above linking of metaphoric song elements to its interpretation is how biblical dream interpretation is done, related by scripture or common word pictures we use in everyday culture. Many books are available on Christian dream interpretation.