Have you Received Your COVID Not-A-Vaccine?

The purpose of the “Not-A-Vaccine” is to produce a spike protein that is a key to unlocking human cells. This is not a vaccine. Dr. Merritt believes the spike protein can be transmitted from person to person. She catalogs the spike protein as a prion (as in mad cow disease) and claims it is spreading in the population. She talks about many people complaining of bleeding recently. Theoretically, it seems it is possible that people who have not received the “vaccine” can catch the spike protein from those who have received it. In the same interview, Dr. Larry Palevsky was asked about a large number of reports of nose bleeds, especially in children.

The linked Zoom discussion below between five doctors deals with these issues:


My wife and I both experienced daily nose bleed for about a month that finally went away. Sometimes, it was just a trace of blood after sneezing several times, especially if I blew my nose several times in a row or I was taking a long hot shower. Because we both had these symptoms simultaneously, I knew it must be related to a general cause common to both of us. It seems to fit what others are now reporting and what these doctors theorize is the airborne transmission of the spike protein from the “Not-A-Vaccine” injections. I am sure everyone will eventually have some exposure to this spike protein.