“Halloween is not about costumes and candy, it is a time when evil comes out to play.”1  In our day we live with a union between the educated elite and the demonic. We have articulate educated business women planning the murder of unborn babies and we have witches pronouncing curses on presidents and supreme court justices right out in the open. I believe that the acceptance of demonic things increases the spiritual curse-effect on a nation, that is why it is “hidden in plain sight.” This phrase seems to point to things you would expect to be hidden, but are flaunted in front of us and are easily discovered. You can search for “curse-effect” in the search box at the bottom of my site to find other posts on this subject.

www.casra.org.uk  states:
“Satanist support for abortion is very out in the open. Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics.” Many politicians that support abortion also support a Satanic one-world government.
Quoted from www.casra.org.uk

God works very opposite to the devil which I think you understand, but it’s interesting to look at some specific cases where you’ll notice how contrary the devil is to God’s ways. The devil likes to give people immediate results that make him look powerful, but in the important issues of life, the devil is ineffective. People that turn to him to get something quickly end up hooked into his demands. They are placed on a slippery slope that pulls them deeper into Satan’s domain. God on the other hand many times asks us for an investment of faith before He moves, so we may not get the immediate results, but we get the opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering faith in God. You must understand why God makes himself mostly invisible. It is so we can fall in love with this all-powerful being who dwells in unapproachable light – someone you would be afraid of because of His sheer power and glory.

Please read as much of the below link as you would, it is important for us to realize that through being meek we can inherit a gentle spirit toward each other that helps with our incomplete understanding of each other. But in no way does meekness refer to submission to the agenda of the devil.

The founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey is reputed to once have said of Halloween, “I’m glad Christians let their kids worship the Devil at least one night out of the year.”

Let us arm ourselves with a basic understanding of the devil’s agenda. It is a spiritual agenda that demands spiritual results to be inflicted on an unsuspecting world. We must be able to discern the issues of deception that are being thrown at us by the main-stream media.

“Manufacturers like Monsanto have entire departments devoted to discrediting journalists who expose their corrupt ways and paying off Google to censor search results.”

Quoted from <https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-10-08-monsanto-paid-google-to-censor-search-results-discredit-journalists.html>

The more you look into things plaguing our nation the more you see demonic strategies. Everything from the abortion industry to the entertainment world, to healthcare policy, to a number of compromised federal agencies and of course politics. The Democratic Party has been hijacked as well as certain Republicans in our recent history.

We are being called to intercede for our nation in these desperate times. Luke 18:1-8 is the story of the legal profession and how someone was being delayed justice. It points to how we interface with this legal framework that governs the spiritual realm. Our persistent speaking with the judge is the key.

  1. This is actually a quote from Blue Bloods, Season 3 Episode 7.