Gotham City is America

I am not focusing on the news today but this post is the heart of what is going on in the country, you need to see the big picture right now as DOJ is launching federal prosecutors all across the country.  As a small plug for Epoch times, I really enjoy my weekly newspaper and the email/video updates I get throughout the week. They have been right on top of developments with the voting fraud crisis.

Referenced movie lines from “Batman Begins” are presented in bold italic.

Young Bruce Wayne feels responsible for his parent’s death because he initiated his family leaving the theater, stepping into tragedy. This is a Satanic strategy: we feel responsible for the evil that befalls us. As a result, Bruce spends many bitter years over-focused on his past. After Bruce Wayne grows up, he is disillusioned and goes seeking the meaning of life. Ra’s al Ghul is a picture of Satan, or more specifically a religious spirit. He tells Bruce he is very lost and offers him religion. Bruce almost joins the League of Shadows, which focuses on vengeance – definitely not a religion of peace. No false religion is, but many like to be thought of that way when fulfilling their vow to use deception on outsiders. Finally, Bruce breaks the power of fear over his life.

Ra’s tries to stimulate pride in Bruce and suggests he take vengeance, but Bruce knows from hindsight and his friend Rachael that this is not right. Ra’s changes what he has told Bruce, at times urging him to do the wrong thing. Even in training Bruce to be one of Ra’s own, he uses deception on him. This is a common false religion tactic. Ra’s claims the League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. This is religion’s false claim. Ra’s claims that every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence – they restore balance. This has happened in history, where evil nations have risen up to deal out justice on formerly righteous nations that have gone astray, due to what is called a “curse” because of sin – (search curses in the Bible, mainly the Old Testament, also see the book Healing and Freedom by Restoring The Foundations). There are legal rights the devil demands against people who depart from God’s law. Bruce represents a noble knight, “one of the son of God” who seeks to restore others to God and righteousness. Gotham is a stereotypical American city in decay (Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Detroit).

Bruce asks Ra’s to give him more time, that Gotham is not beyond saving. Ra’s tells Bruce “we have infiltrated every level of Gotham’s infrastructure.” This is true in real life; we call it the deep state. It is an infiltration of evil inside the government and the major power centers of society (medical establishment, banking, media, tech giants, etc.). Good people are afraid to get involved and oppose the embedded evil. Many who try to help are suicided, especially those seeking to expose pedophilia.Rachel is a type of voice of the Holy Spirit she tells Bruce: “What chance does Gotham have when good people do nothing.” Racheal helps Bruce interpret legal matters. She tells him Justice & Revenge are not the same. Even as the Holy Spirit helps us understand and interpret the word of God and how we live that word out.

Alfred is also a type of voice of the Holy Spirit – the nurturer behind Bruce, caring about his future. We are all prisoners of Satan until we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Both Bruce’s father and Albert tell him: The reason why we fall is to learn to pick ourselves up. This is what the voice of Father God and the Holy Spirit tells us – I believe you feel this right now. God allows many setbacks so we will learn to restore ourselves so that He can train us to restore the world.

Falcone, the Mafia boss, is a picture of demonic intimidation1 and control, especially strong in intelligence agencies infiltrated by the deep state. Just as Crane, the corrupt psychologist, is drugging people to misperceive reality and create mental illness. Was modifying our brains an intended side effect from vaccines and geoengineering – the formerly secret aerial spraying effort claimed to modify solar heat gain on earth, that John Brennan was so proud of and, I just learned, Bill Gates helps fund – well, in that case, it has to be evil.

Ra’s tells Bruce that Gotham’s time has come – “it is beyond saving.” This is the same thing Satan is declaring over America right now. Ra’s first tells Bruce that they tried to use economics to bring judgment against Gotham. This has started in 2020 through COVID and the overdone lock-downs.

Batman Begins is a display of the league of shadows as the demonic realm, and their purpose to destroy decadent people – that’s pretty much everyone. Breaking God’s law makes us subject to demonic oppression. Anyone who asks to be forgiven of their sins, gives their life to God, walks with God the Holy Spirit every day connected through God’s word, prayer, and righteous deeds, will become “the Batman” (a spiritual evil fighter) to their city. If you need help praying that and getting started email me (see About Me page).

You can literally pray all the way through this movie for America – I have, since the first time I watched it. Prayer can be a deeply spiritual addition to movie watching. God will join you as your emotions are heightened through metaphorical drama and your spirit cries out to God in desperation. I will be sharing more from my favorite prayer-movie list…

In closing we honor those in real life who have gone before us, who did not shrink back from evil.

  1. “In 2010, Senator Nancy Schaefer decided to blow the whistle on child trafficking within Child Protective Services. In a random alleged suicide-murder, Senator Nancy Schaefer is said to have fallen victim to a gunshot wound inflicted by her husband, who had no motive to kill her and then turn the gun on himself. Their five children were not harmed, but suicide notes addressed to each are rumored to be forged.” Quoted from <>

See this metaphor through related news:

“Minneapolis officials are considering bringing in officers from other jurisdictions to help the city’s Police Department as they face a wave of violent crime and an officer shortage. If the mayor and City Council approve the plan, officers from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit Police would temporarily work with the city, primarily helping to respond to violent 911 calls.”

Quoted from <>