God’s Designs Are Perfect

I think the subject of vaccines is the most critical subject facing us right now. It appears that the release of the Coronavirus was a planned event and the design of it took years of NIH funding and a transfer to Wuhan (see Plandemic 2). I believe the purpose of all that effort was to unleash a vaccine that would alter our DNA, make us more controllable, and usher in the one-world government of the Antichrist. And if that was not enough there is also the Build Back Better campaign to usher in global communism after a worldwide economic collapse. There is only one problem for the devil – God has a different plan. Prophetically God has told us there will be a mighty revival that will start in the United State and spread around the world. It is going to be frustrating for the globalists to have their carefully laid plans wrecked by God, so things are likely to get a little ugly. We are partners with God, not spectators, and Jesus himself will step into this world now through the person of the Holy Spirit. We must deal with The Vaccine From Hell (<<< important***), but we have finally gotten to the point where the fight is “worthy” of Jesus, the Lord of angel armies to step in.

Here is an introduction to the amazing Dave Hodges talking about one small piece of the global control puzzle, then in the following link an important action plan for us to consider.

Executing the 10% Solution Is the Only Way to Avoid the “Final Solution”

There is something much better about the way God does things than the way man does things. God works through liberty and freewill – man works through control. There are demons that specialize in this craving for control that even operate in churches with strict procedures who discourage anyone from trying something creative to spread the gospel, because “it’s just not done that way here.” But, God’s ways are beautiful.

Think about all the litter on the ground, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, stuff that looks bad. They are the byproducts of the things we made. But when God designs something to have a lifespan of usefulness and fall to the ground it has a more pleasing look. (I am not talking about the end of animal and human life – that was our doing). I can’t draw a dividing line between what God intended and what was the result of the fall, but I do see processes that have beauty despite the fall.

The growth and life cycle of a tree that ultimately falls in the forest and has moss growing on it, or washed out rocks along a creek that flooded in winter, or stars that end in beautiful supernovas all point to an artistic effort. Leaves constantly fall to the ground. They die and fall off the trees but they don’t look ugly on the ground. They have an artistic appeal with complementary colors, shapes, and even twirling motion as they fall to the ground. We would be pretty proud of our trash if it was designed to crumple up and tear apart in such beautiful shapes and colors, then decompose to form nutrients for plants.

Man has not done a very good job forecasting the effects of our “creations” which has led to many problems in the environment. How can we be so confident and reckless about developing new biological processes for fighting disease – I am talking about the new, never before used RNA vaccines. The Vaccine From Hell, linked above. Also, see these posts:

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