God Has A Better Plan For This Situation

An ABC News Radio correspondent, Aaron Katersky, reported an internal FBI bulletin warned that nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration if Congress attempts to remove POTUS early. To this, I would say to patriots: don’t be ridiculous. If the FBI leadership seems to be trying to lead you into buying a used car – run away from the deal.

Quoting from the Passion Translation Footnotes on Psalm 1:

“Psalm one is the contrast of those who follow God’s ways and those who choose their own path. Read through this psalm with the purpose of learning how to live with God in first place.”

Rather than protest the government; right now is the time to protest our own failures and the failures of our church for believing lies and being complicit with lies. You don’t need a gun for this type of protest, you need to fall on your face and cry out to God. We need to ask God to forgive us for treating our nation as an arbitrary thing, which doesn’t really matter to us. The Bible has much to say about nations. We are told in Matthew 28: 20-21 that we are responsible to disciple nations, which are made up of people. Nations should be the end product of disciple-making in the church and our families, not just collecting converts who eventually wander away. There is a level of commitment God is looking for that compels us each to prepare a highway for Jesus to receive upon his second coming. Use whatever influence you have in your profession and contacts in this world to promote the right ways of governing and righteous laws to hand down to our children.

Isaiah 40:3 NKJV

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.

Our world in the absence of God is a desert where people are thirsty and every endeavor is hard – imagine being a farmer in the desert. This “highway” is a metaphor for the processes that need to be in place to make our ways of living and governing easy for people to move upon and establish trade routes of prosperity over. Our ways should be as similar to God’s ways of goodness and liberty as possible. Just as you and I seek to become as much like God as we possibly can in this world.

Our founding fathers did a fantastic job fashioning our constitution after the ways of God. Much of what they did was based on the philosophies of John Locke a great Christian theologian and philosopher. Our civil laws should make keeping God’s word and God’s ways as easy as possible. The controlling government processes of both communist and fascist governments are not the type of processes Jesus would like to have in place in the governments of our world when He returns. Mostly because they are godless, but also because they are over controlling.

Here is our battle plan:

149 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
It’s time to sing to God a brand-new song – a  spontaneous song(bold is TPT footnote)
so that all his holy people will hear how wonderful he is!
May Israel be enthused with joy because of him,
and may the sons of Zion pour out
their joyful praises to their King.
Break forth with dancing!
Make music and sing God’s praises with the rhythm of drums!
For he enjoys his faithful lovers.
He adorns the humble with his beauty
and he loves to give them the victory.
His godly lovers triumph in the glory of God,
and their joyful praises will rise even while others sleep.
God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths,
for their shouted praises are their weapons of war!
These warring weapons will bring vengeance
on every opposing force and every resistant power—
to bind kings with chains and rulers with iron shackles.
Praise-filled warriors will enforce
the judgment-doom decreed against their enemies.
This is the glorious honor he gives to all his godly lovers.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Quoted from <https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%20149&version=TPT>

We can rest in the many assuring words of the prophets that God has a better plan for this situation.