Getting from point A to point B, my Emotional Bug-out kit

My BibleI keep a sticky note in the Psalms and in the New Testament as I am reading through the Bible. Read until you feel satisfied with the spiritual nutrition you are  receiving. Keep reading daily as often as you feel hungry.
Soaking.netSoaking Music  or on the radio (88.5 FM here locally)Praise
HealingRoomsSMV.comLots of worship music, ministry talks and information about receiving ministry from various people that minister under that covering.
Ministries such as:
    – Healing for the Broken Hearted
    – Restoring the Foundations
and more…
I feel a desire to pray for our world during many types of movies such as:The Flash, Blue Bloods. Perhaps for kids, Rocket’s Island – season’s 1 & 2 available on Amazon Prime.
Journaling things that God puts on my spirit. I like to copy the scripture that stood out to me in my time in the word and talk about the thoughts I had.I start many journal entries by emailing myself (could be at second email address) using dictation from my cell phone.
SidRoth (It’s Supernatural)Many shows to boost your faith