Find Your Place in the Battle

Important turning points in history, such as pre-World War II, were met by key people such as Winston Churchill who were awakened to spiritual forces propagating non-science, that the Arian race was the most superior race. Many people were called to support the effort to save the world in that era. Watch the drama-documentary “Churchill’s Bodyguard. 1” We are all called to play some role in this epic turning point taking place now, just as Churchill’s bodyguard. We have not been given all the power that God intends to give us yet, but we are first responsible to develop awareness and pray using whatever abilities we have right now. A key need right now is for anyone inside the “matrix” of the medical establishment to testify of what they have seen and heard.

As human beings, we are wired to believe things we are told by perceived authority figures, especially when those messages come from multiple sources we have grown accustomed to listening to. Hitler said that it didn’t matter how big the lie, as long as you repeated it over and over people would believe you. Ask God to intervene in various “insiders” lives and bring forth many true testimonies.

I believe there is prophetic knowledge that God is willing to give to those who are on the front lines of this battle and who are working in places where deception is the norm. If you are able to see through that deception you can help be the eyes and ears of our nation and the body of Christ. If you have never had prophetic ministry you should look into this to guide you more in the direction God wishes for you. Check out the Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley and consider their online ministry.

Footnote 1 – A thirteen-part documentary, based on the journals of Churchill’s bodyguard, Walter Thompson.