New Type of Blog Post Coming 30 April, Creative Solutions Part-2

I am hoping we as independent people can be infused by God to support each other through creative ideas and economic activity. I am praying we all will now emerge to help stop the top-down drive for an economic collapse. We will need entrepreneurs that help us do more with less. Some of these businesses may be involved with health, energy, construction, or anything that functions like a tool to help us build something. Exercising creativity can literally pull depressive forces off you.

We cannot see the effects of government tinkering with the economy much in advance. That is doubly true of tinkering with the family unit and many more times true of tinkering with the make-up of man and woman genetically or emotionally from the design God gave us. Hopefully, many states and counties will come alongside small businesses to offset new federal across-the-board mandates, such as the $15 proposed minimum wage, that doesn’t take into account the local cost of living and many other factors. It would be wonderful to see churches watching out for and encouraging small businesses also. 

Dr. Robert Bilder, a psychiatry and psychology professor said:

“The truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos.”

I find that statement fitting to this time where God will show his greatness over the desperately evil efforts of Satan. Satan has thrown the first punch, a sucker punch, against people made in the image of God. But now Jesus steps out in the street to see his little sister and brother bloodied up a bit, but what you will mostly notice is a sudden look of fear that comes on Satan’s face. Now it’s time for Jesus to do business and save our nation from destruction. His people will learn to follow His lead. He will make us both shrewd and creative. He will give us what we need to stop the planned economic collapse from ushering in a one-world government.

I am now ready to shift my efforts into a creative mode. To do that I need to write down some practical and creative self-help ideas I am willing to share to help with the effects of the planned economic collapse. I will shoot to start these at the end of April.