Does God hide Easter eggs for us to find?

Author Michael Drosnin documents a claim of a future asteroid threat to earth in his book titled: The Bible Code (1998). The book details evidence of hidden prophetic statements embedded in the Bible, using regular skips through the text characters, which produces a resulting subset, that is then scanned for intelligent wording. One of the many hidden statements found through this process reveals that a large asteroid will be discovered on a collision course with earth. We are now finding this threat discussed in government agencies, the media, and dealt with by entertainment producers.

In the profession of computer programming, especially with young programmers, there is a tradition of embedding something personal about themselves into their program, that must be unlocked to discover. There is something in our nature, as beings made in the image of God, that wants to do the same things that God does. He likes to hide things for us to find, as seen by the depth of His Word that reveals new thoughts in us as we read it daily.

A number of years ago a prophetic lady I knew told me that God was invading Hollywood. Since then I have seen evidence of that – of course it is a battlefield where you see both sides and right now God’s invasion is still somewhat covert. The question is: are there popular movies and TV shows that have prophetic statements embedded in them? Many have pointed out “The Simpsons” TV show had predictions of many things that came true, including a Trump presidency (see everything “The Simpsons” has predicted over the years).

I have found prophetic statements inside various movies in the past 12 years. Here is a recent subtle one that speaks to our current situation. The TV series titled “Salvation,” has an overall plot about the detection of an asteroid headed toward earth and their effort to stop it. I couldn’t help but expect to find something prophetic about this show. I found it in season 1, episode 12 – “The Plot Against America,” which I believe we are living through right now. In this episode Liam tells Jillian, “You’re right, fear can’t paralyze us, it has to motivate us and keep us together.” Those of us closely following the corona virus saga see powerful influencer’s of our day using fear to facilitate irrational overkill policies that are leading us toward an economic collapse.

A recent popular theme in Movies and TV shows is a main character who has a prophetic ability, called psychic or mind reading from a secular point of view. Video drama such as: Read Me, InTransit, and The 4400 have caught my attention. The 4400 series features a girl named Maia, who has a prophetic gift. It also features an episode with a movie producer who unknowingly produces movies that describe future events. Remember beloved, it isn’t hard for God to whisper an idea into anyone’s mind. Sometimes there are even Biblically accurate quotes, such as from Blue Bloods, Season 2, disc 4, “leap of faith,” a prophetic person tells the police: “God gives me information but He doesn’t tell me how things are going to turn out.” One thing I notice about the shows I consider prophetic training material is that they treat the Bible respectfully, as opposed to the TV and movies I grew up watching in the 70’s.

In closing, to tie this all back to the corona virus saga, the TV show “The Dead Zone” has an episode about an airborne virus that has the potential to become a pandemic that is cured by  Hydroxychloroquine – the words Coronavirus, respiratory infection, and masks are mentioned. One person complains about locking the school doors and another testifies of political pressure as a factor.

The Dead Zone Episode: “Plague” predicts COVID-19