Do you Want to be a Good Person or are you Willing to Turn to Evil to Get What You Want?

If Satan can convince people that demonic powers are some kind of spiritual physics attached to the earth he can gain widespread acceptance. He knows most people will be turned off by looking at an image of Baphomet, which is why the 33rd degree pinnacle of Satanism is a small club. Though being relatively few in number the upper levels of these influencers are quite successful at manipulating the world through their media channels, even getting Christian leaders to follow their directions. They keep their activities hidden from the general public to keep people from the shock of dealing with the existence of Satan and turning to Jesus in desperation. Jesus is the revelation of God for deliverance from Satan’s world system, which Satan would like to formalize into a one-world government. He is even hoping to get people’s consent to do so. Satan is now pushing this plan forward drip by drip.

Disorder and times of distress are fostered by Satan to produce hopelessness and eventually rebellion. The basic problem of our day is the acceptance of lies. Good is being proclaimed as evil and evil is being proclaimed as good. This is the core doctrine of Satanists. They have captured key positions in accepted international organizations, government agencies, legislative bodies, and heads of state. But, that is not the core problem this planet faces. The core problem we all face is that no one is good but God alone, so how are you going to become Good? Jesus took the time to cite this dilemma Mark 10:18. The answer is clear, you will only become good by having your life filled with God’s Spirit. Apart from God, you will never be good but descend into evil just as the fallen angels have.

Marriage, family life, church life, and life as a citizen of our nation are all a delicate balance of willing submission that ultimately should line up with our submission to God. The imperfect sphere of life we live in requires a constant dose of humility and submission. We must constantly ask the questions: What’s happening, what’s not happening, and what does God want me to do about it? At some point, God will give you direction so that you will play an important part with Him in keeping the world from imploding. You become one of Jesus’ close friends when you wait on God to receive your marching orders.

When times are difficult and people feel powerless they can be tempted to turn to their own solutions. There is a prayer I pray over my life when I am being disturbed by the flow of information that reveals the injustice and lies of the enemies of the Cross. I have to submit this prayer to God: “Lord, I don’t want my plans instituted, but your plans. Give us Your ideas and Your plans to solve this mess.” I also extend this prayer to my friends in the independent media because I know they get saturated with a constant flow of accusations against good people, the ill effects of watching lawlessness, and the evidence of what subversive groups are doing.

Prepare yourself to take up the weapon of God’s Love. We labor with God in this world through prayer that is invigorated by our awareness of what is going on. But guard your heart because the awareness of evil things pulls at us. Keep praying and intentionally waiting before God – sow your tears as seeds (Psalm 126:5).

Ephesians 2:2 TPT
It wasn’t that long ago that you lived in the religion, customs, and values of this world,
obeying the dark ruler of the earthly realm who fills the atmosphere with his authority,
and works diligently in the hearts of those who are disobedient to the truth of God.