Did “The 4400” Predict a Financial Collapse?

One of the most foundational things I have learned about the way the globalists pursue political change is to look for a crisis to further their agenda. More specifically they create a crisis for which they already have a solution designed. Watch the video with my post: The Word Conspiracy is a legit word, to see the magnitude of the WEF website that is all about molding worldwide policy in response to COVID. The COVID crisis is simply a stepping stone on the path toward a one-world government. However, It is not the only step. The COVID policies we are following will lead to an economic collapse from which the benefits of a global government will finally be presented to the world. Consider three quotes from George Soros. You can follow the links to view other people who have said similar things.

Continuing with the TV series, “The 4400,” season 4, episode 11: Ghost in the Machine, Tom Baldwin an NTAC agent becomes fully possessed by an outside entity that now is working its own agenda. During this episode, ATM machines from four major Banks begin to spew one hundred dollar bills in various places, along with notes that declare that these little green scraps of paper are worthless. This is a metaphor for a financial collapse. In the following scene, a top US Intelligence leader tells everyone present: “welcome to the New world order.” Tom who is now possessed of a devilish personality makes the statement “If you want to create a new world order you have to destroy the old one, and disrupting the economy is a pretty good place to start.” This pretty much coincides with what the global elite are seeking. George Soros said:

The above bullets pasted from <https://www.azquotes.com/author/13885-George_Soros>

Continuing in episode 11 we get to see the thoughts that are going through Tom’s possessed mind. His thoughts are full of murder as he listens to the arguments of the 4400 regarding the good they are doing. Kyle Baldwin is Jordan Collier’s guide. Season 4 develops an interesting relationship between Kyle and Cassie. Kyle’s “ability” metaphorically fits the Holy Spirit becoming visible to him in the form of a young woman named Cassie, who gives him far-reaching advice and direction. In turn, Kyle provides this guidance to Jordan. Cassie tells Kyle that he is a shaman to Jordan, someone who interacts with the spirit realm on someone’s behalf and acts as a guide. Cassie guides Kyle flawlessly through many different situations. A number of things she tells him to do look like bad advice from a short-sighted human perspective. At one point Kyle starts getting mouthy with Cassie and arguing about something she asked him to do. She has to get his attention and rebuke him sternly by saying “look I’m not your sidekick.” Cassie is very much her own person and in the end, can be seen as omniscient.

Regardless of how you view movies that seem to contain prophetic elements, we have been warned by prophet James Goll and pastor Dana Coverstone, about economic collapse and hyperinflation. Even the mainstream media is beginning to warn about food shortages. It really behooves us to do something about these warnings.