Deep State Danger Warning – A Call to Prayer

How is God using engineers to build a highway for the kingdom of heaven? Listen to Dane Wigington and pray as you hear him speaking or alternate between listening and praying. Let the message and the sound of his voice compel you to pray for our nation. We live in a time when crises and human sentiment are being weaponized by political movements. Right now the one-world, no-boarder movement funded by many notable billionaires is in the driver’s seat of public policy. If pastors and Christians who love liberty don’t wake up, we are in for serious trouble. It is time to repent of our claims that we are simply pro-gospel and are not politically minded. Politics is simply a vehicle for establishing legitimate governmental representation in our constitutionally founded democratic-republic. If we fail to watch out for the foundations of our nation we will pay a terrible price. We can step over political organizations when they are not responding as they should be and pray for the end goal – a healthy nation.

Urgent plea from Dr Vernon Coleman

Listen to a few minutes of Dane Wigington starting at the 20:49 minute mark and renew your concern and commitment to pray for our nation.

Dane’s warnings apply not only to high altitude spraying but to other manufactured events such as 9/11 and now the COVID control-inducing crisis. When you watch Dane’s lead in video clip of LBJ giving a commencement address, it’s easy to fall into a daze that you are just watching another crazy movie. No! That was one of our deep state presidents tipping his hand a bit.

Dane Wigington warning about the propaganda war:

“… for those who don’t yet know it or aren’t yet willing to face it, this includes all mainstream media sources whatever stripe they pretend to be. All of them are simply tools to divide and conquer the population and pump out propaganda as fast as possible and this includes official agencies as well, agencies that the public is told are there to protect them. When in fact those agencies are there to mask threats from the population not to disclose them. Let’s consider this quote from Charles Borkowski: Censorship is the tool of those who need to hide actualities from themselves and others. Even at this late hour, how many continue to blindly gulp down whatever feel-good false narratives the power structure controlled media throws at them. The patently false narratives of “trust us, just do as you’re told and everything will be fine.”