Darkness of World Wide Spiritual War

I believe the churches that are opening are playing a crucial role for the rest of us who call ourselves Christians. God calls different people and denominations to fill different roles. Some churches that are opening will take a bold stand, attempting to draw a red line now, before taking action is futile. Others  will open outdoor prayer gatherings. But make no mistake, the need of the hour is to become a house of prayer.

California Churches such as Godspeak Calvary Chapel of Newbury Park, and Grace Community Church in Sun Valley are taking a stand and making themselves vulnerable for all of our sake’s.

You can pray through the news, of many independent journalists or you can even pray through a movie, such as The Lord of the Rings. They both stir up emotions of spiritual danger and the need to take action to avert evil schemes. We like the members of the fellowship of the ring are separated. We won’t know what is happening to our brethren in real time. Pray for this Sunday that God will move on behalf of all those who are taking a stand and opening in-person places to pray at.