Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script for my Video below)

My Interpretation video of Dana’s Dream

I will preface this interpretation by stating that many people today have been trained by the mainstream media to dislike the word conspiracy. But consider the history of conspiracies in the Bible, the plots of Absalom, Haman, or the conspiracy against Daniel sending him to the lions’ den. The word conspire is common in scripture and our own law enforcement has taken many organized crime figures to court charged with “conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering” or whatever.

Any rate, this dream of Dana’s is my favorite simply because it is an exhortation for us to act because the world is spinning faster now and starting to show signs of being unstable. Overall, the dream is about two runners each with a spear with fire on the tips which represent the weapon of truth that shines light into darkness. Dream interpretation is very subjective, and the odds are mine isn’t perfect. You must pray about it and prepare yourself accordingly, but one mandate seems quite clear from this dream, prayer and waking the church up from slumber is now critical.

One man wears a more colorful outfit, Dana calls him the multicolored man – He represents truth-tellers who come in many flavors: Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, political officials, the independent media, and anyone who testifies of something they have seen and experienced relating to conspiracies against our nation that are Satanically inspired.

 They are incredibly determined people toward fulfilling their assignments. The other runner dressed in white is a more traditional minister of spiritual truth. Both runners have a mandate to wake people up. The colorful runner threw his spear at the beginning of the race, even as these independent witnesses have targeted truth to expose many works of darkness. The spear they threw will guide the rest of us in this race, as we too become aware of threats to our nation. Many traditional ministers are unaware of those types of conspiracies – there are so many things going on at this point. Both runners finish the race and there is no discussion of who won at that point. The runner in white is exhorted to pace himself because the next four months will be intense for him. The colorful runner has lived with this intensity for some time now and does not need to be exhorted. The spear is thrown by these “colorful” independent people many of who are a part of the independent media is important truth every praying person needs. Intercessors in the building ahead of them will be ignited by it. I believe this is the prayer movement Dana also dreamed about last year peaking in “a month” of September. When the truth of the threats to destroy the United States come to the intercessors their prayers over these issues will explode with light – flooding the nation. We still need a spiritual breakthrough that the mainstream media would lose its grip on people’s thinking – it is an especially important prayer right now. The Napalm like explosion describes how the spiritual fire generated through prayer helps put out the physical fires of riots. The prayers of the intercessors spread the colorful runner’s message warning people to wake up and stay awake. We can never go back to being unaware of Satanic operatives that influence government leaders, create pandemics, dictate policies that crush our economy, depress people through mask-wearing and isolation, and now support electronic Passport papers. Altiyan Childs has produced a revealing 5 hour documentary on the World’s Most Secret Religion which is very important because you won’t understand the detailed policies being pushed unless you know the overall agenda behind them.

One clue that has shaped my view of who the man pictured in the white uniform is, has been my own experience of being almost frozen with fatigue and other issues in recent years. Lana Vawser, as a prophet commissioned to prepare the church for revival, has targeted many prophetic words toward people who were under major constraints during the past, even long periods of time. I believe there are many people who will emerge from their incapability as this type of runner ministering in ways they only dreamed of. One of her prophetic words contained this exhortation she says: “There is a major shift taking place in the Spirit in the earth right now and in the lives of His people. The enemy wants to cage you in fear, in unbelief, in doubt, in despair, and discouragement. Whatever it takes STRIKE THE GROUND AGAIN!!!” (to me that means to continue to make declarations over your life and our situation). Striking the ground is a reference to Elisha’s Final Prophecy. So, keep this in mind when the dream pictures this runner with a smirk on his face, consider his background and the conspiracies he is then aware of, compared to what he sees God doing in the revival. It dawns on him that this is not a fair fight because God is fighting. At that point, we will behold God moving in ways that make our past efforts look like politically correct marketing strategies.

The man dressed in white turns gray as the fire of revival consumes him. Many things in us and the typical church must be burned up. Grey is the color of ash that things burned up are transformed into. The man in white is initially less driven because he is less aware of the danger. However, his responsibility for leading worship, prayer, and preaching the word of God is key to the survival of our nation. He spits on the tip of the spear as a prophetic act pointing to Jesus spitting and making mud to anoint the blind man’s eyes. Hair on fire is a picture of the Glory of God coming on God’s ministers – picture Moses in the movie The Ten Commandments. The fire left on the wall by his hand is the effect of revival fires left behind them as this ministry runs across the land. Both runners touch the wall and thus affect our separation from each other. Walls keep people from seeing what someone in another living space sees. The wall is the separate world that we all get compartmentalized in – we are unaware of things people in other vocational areas are aware of.

The official who stands on the wall who is half-dressed as a runner and half-dressed in expensive clothing I believe is Jesus, a picture of Hebrews 6:20 NIV – “where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” The scroll that is rolled out by blood-stained hands represents people who have rolled out a plan to kill. It seems certain that Human hands were responsible for creating the COVID virus. It appears human plans enacted the killing of George Floyd with a fentanyl overdose, done for their own purposes of producing riots. Those who fund organizations that lie and divide people are killers. The letters on the calendar scroll are shadowed relating to the shadow of death. This period we are now in through September could also include deaths from the effects of experimental mRNA vaccines, as many top scientists and doctors have warned is possible. At the end of the dream, the leaders of the world put their heads in their hands and weep over their failure to take down America. The turmoil in America will be converted by God into revival. May we never forget that there is an evil secret cabal of influencers sold out to the devil and his goal of a one-world government that is driving all these things – we must stay awake and watchful for this ambition from here on.

The plot to create a new world order is written on our one-dollar bill and is now being declared as the Great Reset. Annuit means winking with the eyes, and Coeptis means undertakings. This is explained further by Mr. Childs in his documentary. He reveals the secret eye wink, handshakes, and many other symbols the Satanists and their global secret society use to self-identify. Consider studying what I consider to be an exhaustive teaching course on Freemasonry by Mr. Childs (be advised it contains adult content). I believe there is divine timing associated with this video release. I also believe it relates to another dream Dana had called “The Data Dream” where the word DISCOVERY appears from a cloud of smoke at the end of this period of upheaval. I have a hunch Mr. Child’s testimony is a part of this discovery, but remember, some elements in dreams are not meant to be understood from a prior point in time but after the fact. We have been praying hard for testimonies to come forth over the last year. So many colorful runners have emerged, and Mr. Childs is certainly one of them.