Creative Solutions Part-1

In the final episode of the TV series The Prisoner, the man known as # 6 is taken to a trial, however, his testimony is drowned out by the jury who is chanting loudly. The front row of the jury had desktop plaques identifying them as representing: Education, Entertainment, Recreation, and other influential spheres of influence. They are in the front row chanting so loudly that the individual man (#6) cannot be heard and share his thoughts. This is a huge strategy in the era we live in that popular Tech Giants and mainstream media companies enforce. The dominance of video media, in general, has taught people to appreciate personality over substance.

I was in a group meeting 10 years ago when the late prophet Paul Cain told us that God had revealed to him that there was a worldwide pedophile ring at the highest levels of government around the world. This piece of information began my quest to find out what journalistic researchers knew about this issue. I knew this issue would be a powerful controlling force over politicians who could be blackmailed and then be willing to help Satan set up his one-world government. Satan’s political ambitions won’t obviously be won by fair elections, but by every foul means he can craft using crises such as school shootings and using deception in politics or religion. Thus enter Event 201, COVID 2020, divide and conquer race riots, and the lock down-cover your face psychological operation. This takeover requires acute crises to justify the extreme policies they desire, specifically the mandatory issuing of a so-called “vaccine” that begins the notion that man can be altered as needed. The plan culminates in global dictatorial communism, brought into being by a collapse of free markets.

This is the progression our leftist leaders are planning – I’m writing from California where they won’t be announcing the end of mask mandates or ending church restrictions anytime soon. We have been told prophetically that the globalists led by the CCP, UN, WHO, and WEF  will achieve this global economic collapse – I refer you to pastor Dana Coverstone who had a dream about a future month of December where the Baltic Dry index (trade index) was zero. Likewise, the prophet James Goll discusses a planned economic collapse at the 6:25 minute/second mark of this linked interview. He also said that “fear paralyzes but faith propels.” Fear is the mechanism being used to elevate the “pandemic”  and necessitate the so-called vaccine. But we God’s people are called to use the power of faith to propel us to a place where we will be prepared to help people during what Dutch Sheets has called operation redeem-all. He mentions that our King needs our agreement and our alignment with Him to carry out this operation. One way to agree with God and line yourself up with Him is to begin planning a project or ministry that God will help you conceive, that is uniquely matched with your gifting and calling. Ask God to show you this. Let God’s Spirit infuse you with ideas to help solve this coming economic collapse. So, instead of us just pursuing the next big advertised gizmo, we can create some products that will be especially needed during this coming crisis.

What innovative products can we offer that will give our nation a better future? Satan wants to keep us dazed by what is going on around us and keep us from being the hands and feet of Jesus. If you are interested in being a creative solution provider in this era of unfair big retail providers and Big Tech advantages begin to ask God for ideas on how to solve problems you see. Sometimes I will go out to my very warm car at home and just think about how to solve problems (what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what can I do about it) and ask God for solutions. Below Dutch gives a great devotional encouraging you to seek being overshadowed by God and by that act invested with supernatural influence.