The Bible is a historical account of a conspiracy that started in heaven. The chief conspirator and 33 percent of the angels, remember that number, were cast here to earth for following Lucifer’s plot. So it should not surprise you that the most important things the evil realm does are through conspiracies. Fallen mankind separated from God continually gets sucked into helping the devil conspire to inflict his hatred against those made in God’s image. We owe Jesus everything for coming to destroy the works of the devil. Those of us who are His devoted followers now likewise pursue that work.

Just as there have been many Antichrists throughout history. So there will be several marks of the beast as trial runs leading up to the final Antichrist and the final mark of the beast. The COVID mRNA vaccines are certainly a trial “mark” and come with a goal to kill people before their time. You will be blessed if you wait for God’s move against this very ill-conceived solution of man.

Mark Of The Beast Version 1.0 (version 2.0 or maybe it’s 3.0 is the one that permanently strips you of the possibility of going to heaven). But this one will also affect the destinies of many people.

The devil uses false religion, various philosophies, and warped political ideology to deceive those he in turn will use to deceive others. Satan’s kingdom is not an honorable club. He kills those who outlive their usefulness, he will never be sorry for giving you so much grief in life, nor will he ever give you a break. We set our affections on these three: the one who willingly died on a Roman cross for us, on our Heavenly Father who conceived of this plan and sent Jesus for us, and for the Holy Spirit who has not given up on us and who daily gives us so much “bearing-with love.”