Low-Cost Space Heating

Here is a nice way to heat your home office space – just heat yourself. This could become more of an issue if we get enough volcanic eruptions to cut Earth’s solar heat gain significantly. Electric heat pads are great lap warmers, keep your feet warm on the floor, or make a nice quick foot […]

Do Not Steal. Do Not Lie. Do Not Deceive One Another.

The above title is from Leviticus 19:11  NIV Living underneath a legal framework is one of the great purposes of life. This election crisis is the greatest test of the rule of law by the dark forces of the deep state. Isaiah 5:24-30  from The Passion Translation talks of falling into Judgment.  Verse 24 gives […]

Vaccine History

Singapore suspends the use of two flu vaccines after 48 patients die in South Korea. The below collection of quotes is a historically important treasure that must not be lost to the censorship of various tech giants. In light of the current climate of various powerful online platforms including WordPress.org to censor information, I am […]


How would Jesus vote?Pray about it We pray that God would pick out a handful of people who are pursuing bad agendas and that he would intervene with them just as God intervened with Paul turning him 180 degrees. We ask that these people would give testimonies that would shake the nation. We are asking […]