Do Not Steal. Do Not Lie. Do Not Deceive One Another.

The above title is from Leviticus 19:11  NIV Living underneath a legal framework is one of the great purposes of life. This election crisis is the greatest test of the rule of law by the dark forces of the deep state. Isaiah 5:24-30  from The Passion Translation talks of falling into Judgment.  Verse 24 gives […]

We the Church must become a House of Prayer

Perhaps you watched some of The Story of Fascism in Europe. It describes how Mussolini gave simple answers to complex problems. He was a master of facial gestures, public speaking, and body language. One of the slogans Mussolini repeated often was: “believe, obey, fight.” The human psyche is far more moldable than we realize. Hitler […]

Recognizing Demonic Influence on the World

Are we not yet capable of recognizing demonic agendas? How bad does it have to get before we see the agenda in the proposals of government? So many Christians have swallowed the lie that they should not believe in the existence of evil conspiracies seeking to drag the world into the control of the Antichrist. […]

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Our nature wants to avoid unpleasant things. But we must not turn away from the dark subject of human trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse (SRA). The followers of Satan are getting bolder and having more influence in our society and government. Many have noted the occultic symbols used by the Hollywood elite, the one eye […]

What will November bring?

If you haven’t seen the below dream yet, it is about civil unrest in November. The heart of the exhortation starts at the 6-minute mark. God gave Dana these dreams to help us prepare both our minds and our households for this time. He also shares a warning about hyperinflation. I have personally purchased extra […]