The Kingdom of Fear and Hate vs the Kingdom of Love and Light – Strategies for the Battles Ahead

The devil isn’t too concerned that the plot to depopulate the world through vaccines will be discovered. All he cares about is getting his one-world government established. He doesn’t care how much the world burns down when people discover the lie about the COVID vaccines. That too is a part of his plan to bring […]

Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script for my Video below)

My Interpretation video of Dana’s Dream I will preface this interpretation by stating that many people today have been trained by the mainstream media to dislike the word conspiracy. But consider the history of conspiracies in the Bible, the plots of Absalom, Haman, or the conspiracy against Daniel sending him to the lions’ den. The […]

The Valley of Decision

I have a motivation to awaken the church from deception because my family’s future is dependent on the entire body of Christ waking up from slumber and leading our nation back to God. To be so ignorant of what the forces of evil are trying to bring about – a one-world government under Satan, is […]