God Has A Better Plan For This Situation

An ABC News Radio correspondent, Aaron Katersky, reported an internal FBI bulletin warned that nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration if Congress attempts to remove POTUS early. To this, I would say to patriots: don’t be ridiculous. If the FBI leadership seems to be trying to lead […]

What will November bring?

If you haven’t seen the below dream yet, it is about civil unrest in November. The heart of the exhortation starts at the 6-minute mark. God gave Dana these dreams to help us prepare both our minds and our households for this time. He also shares a warning about hyperinflation. I have personally purchased extra […]

The Destruction of Liberty

Dana Coverstone’s Sept 8th dream about Lady Liberty reflects things going on right now. The major dream elements are covered below: The major dream element is the Statue of Liberty being torn down, which is a metaphor for our liberties being destroyed. At the beginning of the dream, both men and the forces of nature […]

Doomy, Gloomy Types of Things

Most organizations and ministries seek to produce an environment of warmth for their congregation. Those are the ones I enjoy the most and participate with. They don’t constantly talk about doom and gloom – thank God. But God always has people through whom He will bring a prophetic message that historically, doesn’t make them very […]