Gaslight – Bergman (Paula) is the typical American

Gaslight (1944): It is difficult to watch the movie Gaslight after what we have been through this year with the COVID fear manipulation and ever-morphing requirements for lock-downs and masks. Paula’s husband is a picture of the radical Left-wing, manufacturing situations, lies, and restricting liberties. The movie shows you how easy it is to manufacture […]

Captain America – Movie Metaphor

(Prophetic interpretation in italic) This is what is playing out in our country right now. I have seen how God hides His actions in what looks like coincidence and His voice in metaphor to maintain the work of faith He desires on the earth. This is the premise behind the movies I share on this […]

Prime Directive

Every fan of the original Star Trek is familiar with what they called the “prime directive” which was their most important star fleet rule that prevented them from interfering with primitive people’s development and thinking. The Enterprise crew was required to hide the “miracles” of their technology, such as their space ship that could travel […]

The 4400, an Overview

One question I had about “The 4400” was whether it was consciously created as an allegory about the faithful witnesses for Jesus in Revelation or whether the prophetic elements of the movie were unconscious. The 4400 experience persecution just as Christians do today. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the 4400 and the media […]