Longing for God

God is always working in all our hearts. He works in people’s hearts and minds that don’t know him by faith and He will draw them into decision-making circumstances. When God chooses to do so we will all hear his voice in some way. Even the best traps and deceptions of the devil and the […]

Presidential Debate Process

The mainstream media thinks they own the presidential debate process. They do not and it should be taken from them immediately. Our current debate format for political contenders is ridiculous. It keeps the contenders from intelligently discussing important issues for our country. The controlled questions and restricted answers are a shameful mainstream media masquerade. It […]

The Amazing Polly

There are different ways the history of planet earth can end and the best outcomes for all of us, are based on each of us fulfilling the calling that God is beckoning us to fulfill. Accomplishing this takes discipleship. We were never commanded to go and make converts of all nations, we were commanded to […]

The Social Mafia

Promotion of popular culture by churches through warm testimonies about the usage of social media seems like a positive thing, but never mentioning how social media suppresses the truth  keeps people ignorant. In the short term it seems positive, but it does not produce disciples who have discernment. After I recently put this website together […]