Leadership in a New Era

Jesus is the foundation of the church and the word of God is the foundation of all preaching that builds the church into a spiritual building. I believe God enjoys watching the process of leadership happening in churches all over the earth.  Followers of Jesus feel drawn to different groups of people that help them […]

Being Intentional to Make Room for God

Sometimes I ask myself how much I actually know about God and His priorities. I will spend time just trying to get a sense of how He is speaking to me through His word, dreams, and situations. I dwell on understanding His personality and all the attributes that I only know fragments of as I […]

A Theory Called Hope

People who are gifted for work as independent media journalists have a rational mind and a sensitive spirit for seeing evil plans being hatched in the world. They have spiritual “sniffer” skills to find important stories that need public awareness. This post is meant to show my deep appreciation of them and the work they […]

The Invisible Civil War

Because God hides Himself from people who don’t have faith, He loves to speak through metaphors so only those who love Him out of faith are willing to understand what He is saying. Many times God speaks in word metaphors and pictures so that we must interpret what He is saying to us. This further […]