Why are so many COVID Deaths Among Those Vaccinated?

Even the mainstream media reports that vaccinated health care workers in India are dying of COVID. people contracting the infections two weeks after being fully vaccinated – appear to be rising. From January 2021: India started inoculating health workers Saturday in what is likely the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination campaign A FINAL WARNING TO HUMANITY […]

Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script for my Video below)

My Interpretation video of Dana’s Dream I will preface this interpretation by stating that many people today have been trained by the mainstream media to dislike the word conspiracy. But consider the history of conspiracies in the Bible, the plots of Absalom, Haman, or the conspiracy against Daniel sending him to the lions’ den. The […]

COVID Surges in the Most Vaccinated Nations

Because Americans tend to think independently and are learning to research things for themselves and distrust big government propaganda, I believe an important realization is taking place right now as seen by the vaccination rates dropping. I believe massive awareness and rejection of the whole medical establishment agenda is imminent. I can only imagine the […]

An Important Testimony

X-Factor Winner Altiyan Childs Reveals the World’s Most Secret Religion. Initially brought to my attention by  SteveQuayle.com. Recognizing that someone or some organization is not really who they claim to be is difficult, especially if you’ve trusted them much of your life. The work of the Independent Media is very important because they are presenting […]

Urgent Prayer Needed for an End to Mask Mandates and to Stop Vaccine Passports

Because we live in a governmental culture of accepted lying, as so vividly documented by the Russia collusion hoax, I have to believe that the COVID engineered flu has already run its course and that the small remaining statistics of COVID deaths are mostly background noise coming from a system that double reports the cause […]