More Evidence on Discovering a Conspiracy

Here is more evidence that there is something wrong with the tremendous push to get people vaccinated for a disease that should rarely be fatal, and can be treated cheaply and effectively with  HCQ & Ivermectin. A disease where deaths by vaccine now exceed the deaths by the disease itself (using corrected numbers that account for the […]

Spoiler Alert – Skip this Post if you want to Watch Stargirl 2020 First, but Make it Quick – The Battle is Nigh

My blog has a category called Prophetic Media that contains my observations about something I feel God has slipped into popular Hollywood culture without the author’s awareness. I believe God does this to plant seeds in the hearts of those he will draw to Himself. StarGirl To me, Stargirl is about a huge conspiracy that […]

The Kingdom of Fear and Hate vs the Kingdom of Love and Light – Strategies for the Battles Ahead

The devil isn’t too concerned that the plot to depopulate the world through vaccines will be discovered. All he cares about is getting his one-world government established. He doesn’t care how much the world burns down when people discover the lie about the COVID vaccines. That too is a part of his plan to bring […]


Mike Adams is one of the most important voices of truth in the independent media and likewise Rand Paul for our government. I ask you to pray for both of them that our nation could hold onto freedom. It seems clear that there is some agenda we don’t know about that accounts for the desperate […]

The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones

THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES It was constructed in 1980 and contains 10 guidelines for the New Age. The fact that it is ten in number makes it a counter inference to the 10 commandments. Altiyan Childs explains many interesting details that tie this stone monument to the Freemasons and thus Satanism. So many times the agenda […]