Dana Coverstone “The Flaming Spear” Dream Interpretation

I have attempted to put interpretations in italics as much as possible and hyperlink to other supporting prophetic words and testimonies that may relate. This dream given in April applies to the time period of May to September 2021 and is already being fulfilled. The world is now spinning faster and starting to show signs […]

COVID Surges in the Most Vaccinated Nations

Because Americans tend to think independently and are learning to research things for themselves and distrust big government propaganda, I believe an important realization is taking place right now as seen by the vaccination rates dropping. I believe massive awareness and rejection of the whole medical establishment agenda is imminent. I can only imagine the […]

Have you Received Your COVID Not-A-Vaccine?

The purpose of the “Not-A-Vaccine” is to produce a spike protein that is a key to unlocking human cells. This is not a vaccine. Dr. Merritt believes the spike protein can be transmitted from person to person. She catalogs the spike protein as a prion (as in mad cow disease) and claims it is spreading […]

Urgent Prayer Needed for an End to Mask Mandates and to Stop Vaccine Passports

Because we live in a governmental culture of accepted lying, as so vividly documented by the Russia collusion hoax, I have to believe that the COVID engineered flu has already run its course and that the small remaining statistics of COVID deaths are mostly background noise coming from a system that double reports the cause […]