California Health Coalition Advocacy

Do we need a legal process for defining government handling of so called states-of-emergency? Yes, absolutely. We must review the foundation of our laws, the constitution, otherwise it is too easy to drift away from what is good. Our effort to hold onto our liberties is precious. Sometimes it seems like a part time job. Thank God for people who are speaking up for our freedoms.


Below is a reprint of a email:

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by negative headlines? The daily barrage can be discouraging as we watch more and more draconian measures being implemented. 

  • Where are these countermeasures to “flatten the curve” headed? 
  • Will masks and distancing be the new norm?
  • Will families be separated? 
  • Will a vaccine or treatment be mandatory?
  • Will my medical history remain private?

California has many bad laws. County supervisors, state legislators, and constituents have expressed concerns about the seemingly unlimited authority of the governor and the local health officers. But, keep hoping!

California Health Coalition Advocacy has a solution. CHCA has drafted legislation to fix one specific area of the Health and Safety Code to protect the bodily autonomy of Californians during emergencies and infectious disease outbreaks. Specifically, our bill would protect patient choice and privacy, keep parents and children together, and require notification of rights.

If you are tired of all the bad news and wonder what you can do to make a difference, please stop now to sign and share our petition. The petition will be used to show California legislators that our bill has widespread support.

Kind regards,

Valerie Noble, CHCA President