Bumblebee 2018

In this popular Transformer movie, Charlie falls in love with a powerful mechanical being, Bumblebee, despite the fact he can’t communicate directly with her in English. But Bumblebee starts speaking to her using the lyrics of songs he scans for on the radio as they are driving in her “yellow VW bug” as he can appear. She realizes he is good and willing to lay his life down for her and the world, fighting against the “Decepticons”. Later the lead science officer briefing the General in charge of alien threats is dazzled by the opportunity they have in working with the evil transformers. He is fixated on advances in technology that might be possible and loses all caution. The front line Colonel calls him out on that with the statement: “They literally call themselves Decepticons, doesn’t that set off any red flags.”

Bumblebee is a love story between a human girl and someone very powerful. The final credits have an image that reveals the metaphor of a relationship between God and people. Remember we are created in God’s image, but God tells us: “I am not a man….1” Many times in the movie she touches his face, which is an intimate expression between those in the closest  relationship, such as an infant baby and their mother.

Enjoy this Face to Face with God post by Celeste Solum  and the video titled “the importance of the face.” Watch from the 4 minute and 20 second mark to the 8 minute and 20 second mark showing facial interaction of a baby with it’s mother – by Peggy Hall, of the Healthy American.

We forget how important interacting with a person’s face is. We are being beaten down on a psychological level right now by those who want to overthrow our nation and God’s purpose for independent nations world wide. Restrictions for meeting and being able to see someone’s face are part of that plot. Additionally, creating public rage and paranoia is part of this Plandemic. Watch Rick Steves – “The Story of Fascism in Europe.” Fascism was a potent ideology combined with a militant force of physical intimidation such as we see in Antifa.

In closing, we are witnessing the power of deception in our nation through large corporate entities. I believe we will find that we need an adjustment to our laws that help us handle being free from deception. This would include religions that declare in their source documents that deception is a legitimate process for them to use, as well as media and other organizations, including political parties. There should be no constitutional protection for any such religion or the “press” to promote deception. Strong penalties should apply. Just as the military has a stricter Uniform Code of Military Justice, so there is a need for a stronger legal code governing government officials.

  1. 1 Samuel 15:29, Numbers 23:19