Being Intentional to Make Room for God

Sometimes I ask myself how much I actually know about God and His priorities. I will spend time just trying to get a sense of how He is speaking to me through His word, dreams, and situations. I dwell on understanding His personality and all the attributes that I only know fragments of as I reflect on His word. I also spend time thinking about how I can develop a process for keeping my life focused on the things God wants me to focus on and not get caught up in human organizations and the pressure they can generate. I think about the times I have spent sitting in my warm car relaxing in between writing or working on some design project and just doing some creative thinking. This is something I believe I will need to do for the rest of my life. One aspect of that time alone with God is meditating on what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what does God want me to do about it. I give credit to Rick Joyner for bringing this practice to me through a story of an Army Captain during a battle in Vietnam. During that battle, he sat on a hill outwardly looking like he was doing nothing while focusing on what was happening, what was not happening, and what he could do about it. My last step is a slight modification from that story and focuses on what God wants me to do about issues and problems and with my life.