Mike Adams is one of the most important voices of truth in the independent media and likewise Rand Paul for our government. I ask you to pray for both of them that our nation could hold onto freedom. It seems clear that there is some agenda we don’t know about that accounts for the desperate […]

The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones

THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES It was constructed in 1980 and contains 10 guidelines for the New Age. The fact that it is ten in number makes it a counter inference to the 10 commandments. Altiyan Childs explains many interesting details that tie this stone monument to the Freemasons and thus Satanism. So many times the agenda […]

Why are so many COVID Deaths Among Those Vaccinated?

Even the mainstream media reports that vaccinated health care workers in India are dying of COVID. people contracting the infections two weeks after being fully vaccinated – appear to be rising. From January 2021: India started inoculating health workers Saturday in what is likely the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination campaign A FINAL WARNING TO HUMANITY […]