Are the Hunger Games Here?

The Hunger Games movie series is a powerful look at the mainstream media partnering with a tyrannical government. It is about crafting an environment where people are forced to savagely turn against each other. It tells the story of the power of propaganda, the repeated history of how evil governments force people to become their slaves. The title also encapsulates the idea that an evil government can control people using food as a weapon. We stand at such a dangerous crossroads today.

As in the Hunger Games, our spiritual enemy knows how to manipulate our vulnerabilities. In the movie, game makers created lethal hazards for those who were caught in the games. Was George Floyd’s death created by such a “game maker”?


How Did the Obama Foundation Tweet a George Floyd Poster on May 17, when he wasn’t Killed until May 25?

In 2006 Amy Klobuchar Failed to Charge Police Officer Derek Chauvin After Shooting Death of Native American

Peeta, who is rescued from the enemy camp had suffered a great amount of trauma and his complete deliverance came one layer at a time, peeling off old lies fastened to him through the torture the enemy put him through.  The enemy seeks to create “Manchurian Candidates” that can be programmed and blackmailed to do their bidding, but the type of reprogramming God offers us must be willingly participated in. God doesn’t erase our mind and reprogram us with his thoughts when we accept Jesus as Savior. We have to reprogram our own minds with the word of God.

I recently heard Robby Dawkins talk about spiritual super-weapons, such as peace and humility. We all need to become spiritual weapon system experts. One massively powerful weapon against the envy-based communist movement is gratitude. Teaching and meditating on gratefulness defeats envy. Envy is a tool being used by leftist politicians to stir up revolt. Declaring gratefulness in our prayer life produces the fruit of contentment. Even in the United States, we can feel the communist push to protest and stir up discontent. Communism squashes the excitement of developing something that works well and belongs to you and it always leads to poverty.

1 Timothy 6:6 KJV
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

A lack of truthful news and an abundance of fake news will keep you in the dark, you will not be aware of the strategies the enemy is using to keep you and other Christians bound up. Right now fear is a weapon keeping many Christians “staying safe” at home. Both my daughter and I have received unsolicited phone calls that simply tell you to “stay home and stay safe.” We certainly don’t need to promote that message in any way – especially in the church.

I am not necessarily urging Christians to dive into news that stresses them out – not if it takes their mind off of God’s promises. I do this to fulfill my particular God-given calling to pray for leaders. If you want to be aware of what is going on in the world and you want to be an intercessor that is capable of converting what you take in through the news into prayers you send to heaven, then I will recommend the news sources I use:

  • 1st the Epoch Times Weekend edition, which includes daily emails with links to top stories. This is a balanced source of general news.
  • As a large gallery of various independent news outlets, is where you will find many news outlets to sample. I would recommend as a starter.
  • Lastly, for important news of an immediate nature I recommend

God desires to touch lives through businesses and organizations that you and I would create, that meet an important need. Providing truth is a very important business service in our day of massive, fake news giants with their fake fact-checkers. Search engine manipulation of “facts,” and social media censorship is out of control. I desire to promote any business that is a deception-busting type of business. Of course, I am also grateful for every business that meets a basic need.

Here is some fascinating news about COVID:

The coronavirus enters brain cells directly and replicates itself causing the previously unexplained neurological symptoms some patients have experienced. Researchers at Yale University discovered this unique ability by analyzing coronavirus infections in mouse models, brain cells in lab dishes, and brain tissue in deceased COVID-19 positive patients.

Make yourself aware of news that attacks our “liberty and justice.” The tech giants have seated themselves above our elected and governing officials. They have granted themselves veto power, even over the president of the United States. Recently Twitter removed a tweet from a top White House coronavirus adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, saying that it is contrary to official CDC guidance and thus violates its policy on “misleading information.” But rather than giving you a link to this specific case watch this video that gives you a better background on this important issue.