A Theory Called Hope

People who are gifted for work as independent media journalists have a rational mind and a sensitive spirit for seeing evil plans being hatched in the world. They have spiritual “sniffer” skills to find important stories that need public awareness. This post is meant to show my deep appreciation of them and the work they are doing, but to also encourage them to take some needed mental refuge in the gifts of others in the body of Christ who have a different, but important gift, the gift of prophecy. Prophecy becomes important in situations when it is not possible to see what is coming because it comes from God who does see what’s coming.

One problem we all run into is “group think” a psychological phenomenon documented in many historical examples of being wrapped up together in a conclusion our group has come to. We are all at risk of over-relying on our rational gift of reasoning to try and predict what is ahead. But this risk is well worth bearing with in order to receive the benefit we get from people who are capable of identifying problems most others don’t spot ahead of time. Their mission is to project where belief systems and public policy will lead us if we keep going in a particular direction.

We can all fall into the trap of overusing our dominant gift. One way that prophetic people overuse their gifting is by assuming that God will surely tell them about anything that is dangerous they don’t know about. This is not always something God does. Prophets as people must also respond to the gifts of others in the body of Christ and they too, need to give themselves to studying various issues with discernment and wisdom. God does not exempt anyone from acquiring wisdom. We must all show ourselves approved unto God for dealing with issues in life by studying those issues and we all have to be on the receiving end of various prophetic warnings and capable of discerning from a gut-level reaction about those words or dreams. Assuming that God will tell you the same piece of information He gave someone else in the body of Christ is not a good assumption.

The watchmen in the independent media can be encouraged by reading the words of the prophets right now and the prophets can be protected by reading the work of the watchmen. This crisis is too big and complicated for us to handle with compartmentalized blinders. We cannot afford to lose prophets who fall into danger because of not being aware of rational things they should have known about and we can’t afford to have watchmen becoming overly tormented by the weight of their conclusions.

The same could be said of pastors with a gift of encouragement – they can take it too far and end up with sheep that simply stay encouraged on a shallow level and never become disciples that have more stamina. Because God hides himself to a great degree, many of our denominational guiding principles are like a theory formed from what data is available. Hope is essentially a theory God encourages us to form based on what He has shared with us so far. The Bible is written in such a way that humans feel led to fill in what they think is missing to produce more consistency.

God gives information in a metaphoric manner so that we will have to rely on faith in His nature more than theological projections of what He will do in any given circumstance. Hope is the projection of what we know about who God is, projected past what we don’t know. Of course, we make mistakes, but ultimately this too is part of the learning process about who God is. Sometimes our theology includes data points that were blessings from God for a season, but that God never intended to be codified into the equivalent of stone tablets. Humanly, we like to form detailed rules for the operation of our denominational churches, but some of these traditions may need to be discarded to follow God in a new era.

Thankfully, we are told to hope in the Lord. But we are not told to hope in the Lord with our head buried under the sand, so we consider and pray over the amazing work the independent media is doing. We have to discuss the scary stuff, as well as the encouraging stuff. This is where my pastor friends have ignored too many important issues facing our nation. We have been commanded to disciple nations. What some pastors overdo with constant encouragement has its own set of scary outcomes. We have to face the fact that COVID has been a rigged situation pushed by Leftist politicians who want to create a new world order.

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