A Global Crisis Enables Radical Legislation

Where are we with COVID? We have the number of new tests conducted and new cases rising over the last month but deaths greatly dropping. One expert says that COVID-19 is virtually over and that most of the positive tests are false positives. Dr. Mike Yeadon, former chief scientific advisor to Pfizer discusses in the video contained below:

Former Pfizer Executive Refutes Fauci & Lying Media On COVID Propaganda: “It’s Over,” “Curve Flattened Months Ago,” “No Second Wave”.

Also from GlobalResearch.org: The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics

Here in our county of San Luis Obispo, California, we have an estimated population of 285,000. Year to date we have had 31 total deaths from COVID including co-factor illnesses. Nineteen were people over age 85 and none were less than 30 years old. A Cal Coast News story on August 7th contained a comment below it by someone alias named SloCalDinosaur that gave specific details on the serious co-factors of each person in our county who had died. See https://calcoastnews.com/2020/08/putting-slo-county-coronavirus-cases-in-perspective/.

The entire COVID story has been written by using a fear-based incremental approach to controlling people and in particular churches. The virus is real, but it is nowhere close to a pandemic. The below video by “The Ice Age Farmer” describes another attempt to borrow control techniques from the COVID lock-down to apply to the infamous climate change crisis.

New radical laws are based on having some kind of crisis as a backdrop. The crisis could be a mass shooting, it could be a pandemic, or it could be perceived climate change, or it could be a financial or economic collapse. Radical movements need a crisis that can be used to birth new legislation to control people.  To pass the most radical legislation you need a monumental and well-coordinated crisis, which sounds like COVID-19. Follow the timeline:

Event 201 sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates took place in October 2019 (see Plandemic II), next enter COVID-19, enter World Economic Forum to coach nations and corporations to submit to “emergency” dictates, welcome vaccines that contain microtechnology for interfacing humans with computers, and finally, prepare for a possible economic collapse that clinches the need for global government, and last but not least be aware that the Antichrist desires to enter the world stage at some point. But there is someone who is willing to stop this madness. His name is Jesus and He is standing at the door knocking, asking if you will let Him in. He is the rightful Lord of all the earth. He does not need to run for office, He does not need to manipulate people through deception, or turn us into cyborgs. He has a loyal group of followers who have experienced His love and forgiveness and are willing to give up everything else for Him.

We declare here on the earth that “Jesus is Lord of all”. He proved this by his willingness to take our place on the cross in a situation 2000 years ago where again Satan assumed he could beat God. Satan assumed he could ruin God’s plan to lead the world in righteousness and bring us back to the loving heart of God the Father. Satan’s assumptions were wrong because he could not comprehend what God was willing to do to get us back. Hatred cannot comprehend love.