A Gideon Type of Prayer Warrior

My identity is that I am a child of God, a worshipper, and a prayer warrior. This identity is not something anyone can take away from me – it is simply not possible. My wife or family members cannot take it away, my church cannot excommunicate me from that identity, nor can I be evicted or deported from fulfilling that calling. I see what is happening in our nation and the nations of the world and I know that it is all about Satan attempting to be seated on the one-world government “throne.” He is more than willing to kill as many people as he needs to with a fake vaccine to seize this objective. He is mainly using the secret societies of this world and the blackmailed pedophile leaders of this world to push the various planned events, including an economic collapse. Someday the price-fixing that is taking place through self-sabotage and external sabotage, such as the recent gas pipeline hack will be more fully understood. The attacks that are happening to one key production facility and food processing source after another will be disclosed and hopefully, we will see the connection to those that planned them.

Many of us are also fighting interpersonal blowouts, even as these big picture events are being triggered. I have had several major issues erupt this past week, which seems to defy the odds for a single week. I track what the enemy is doing, I don’t fret over what the enemy is planning. I keep watch in this world to be a Gideon type of prayer warrior, where I am aware of what is going on around me but choose to obey God and let Him do the heavy lifting.

The Movie: The Pushback captures March 20, 2021 – The Day the World Stood Together.
We Do Not Consent!