A Civil War Worth Fighting

We must have the wisdom to see what our enemies are setting in place and estimate what the no return point is, where fighting is no longer possible. Where we have lost the opportunity to fight and can only accept going underground or being imprisoned. This was the terrible lesson German Christians went through under Hitler and his inner circle. Just as it is today, Germany was in a situation where Nazi political forces joined with demonic forces. Are you content to ignore evil plans unfolding in our country?  Predicting the window of opportunity where a response is possible is hard to do, but beyond that point, our precious liberties will be stripped from us as we have already had a taste of under “global COVID law.” The Biden-Harris platform is a combination of both Communist and Islam friendly policies. Watching documentaries of the rise of Hitler is perhaps the most profound just-in-time education you could possibly seek at this point.

Quote from Rick Joyner’s Heritage Brief 44:
     “Understanding timing is a key to understanding. We may want peace more than anything, but we will perish if we seek peace when it is the time for war. We are now at war. As history also makes clear, attempts to appease intractable enemies like we now face makes the ultimate cost of the conflict far greater.” 

Rick Joyner’s Heritage Brief 37 is another important exhortation. Here he makes a point about objectives. We are in a civil war for which we must have objectives. We must know what makes victory worth fighting for. He exhorts us to visualize ahead of time how we envision holding on to those objectives. Here are some I think would be worth fighting for.

  • Better accounting controls to eliminate dark money flowing to government and private organizations.
  • Clearing out the Deep State and ghost agencies. Laws that help prevent what is going on now with the Deep State would have to understand it’s origin to prevent its immediate reoccurrence. There are people in the independent media that know more about this than anyone else.
  • Term limits and the creation of other political processes for the temporary incursion of debt.
  • Higher pay for federal workers, but no pension – they save for their own retirement in a special tax-free account. The risk of losing retirement benefits is held over good people’s heads in their time of service, making it harder to take a stand to do the right thing. It is an unspoken threat that few, except people like Edward Snowden, have overcome.
  • No rotating door between the government and the corporate world. No ability for FDA regulators to get royalty money from drugs. We don’t need scientists at the FDA  who supposedly have the most impressive resume, as much as we need people we can trust to make good common-sense decisions. I propose we put Judy Mikovits as head of the FDA.
  • Revamp the rights and responsibilities of the mainstream media and tech giants.
  • A way to eliminate AI bots from social media and website blog comments.
  • Presidential Debate Process and a Voter Awareness Bill. Right now most voter awareness is left in the hands of the mainstream media. This bill would be about creating greater availability for small independent groups and churches to be involved in educating voters – no 501.c3 restrictions.

In closing, we are witnessing the power of deception in our nation through large corporate entities. I believe we will find that we need an adjustment to our laws that help us handle being free from deception. This would include religions that declare in their source documents that deception is a legitimate process for them to use (Islam), as well as media and other organizations, including political parties that have a goal of subverting our constitution. There should be no constitutional protection for any such religion or the “press” to promote deception. Strong penalties should apply. Just as the military has a stricter Uniform Code of Military Justice, so there is a need for a stronger legal code governing government officials.