A Gideon Type of Prayer Warrior

My identity is that I am a child of God, a worshipper, and a prayer warrior. This identity is not something anyone can take away from me – it is simply not possible. My wife or family members cannot take it away, my church cannot excommunicate me from that identity, nor can I be evicted […]

More Evidence on Discovering a Conspiracy

Here is more evidence that there is something wrong with the tremendous push to get people vaccinated for a disease that should rarely be fatal, and can be treated cheaply and effectively with  HCQ & Ivermectin. A disease where deaths by vaccine now exceed the deaths by the disease itself (using corrected numbers that account for the […]


The Bible is a historical account of a conspiracy that started in heaven. The chief conspirator and 33 percent of the angels, remember that number, were cast here to earth for following Lucifer’s plot. So it should not surprise you that the most important things the evil realm does are through conspiracies. Fallen mankind separated […]

Spoiler Alert – Skip this Post if you want to Watch Stargirl 2020 First, but Make it Quick – The Battle is Nigh

My blog has a category called Prophetic Media that contains my observations about something I feel God has slipped into popular Hollywood culture without the author’s awareness. I believe God does this to plant seeds in the hearts of those he will draw to Himself. StarGirl To me, Stargirl is about a huge conspiracy that […]