Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script for my Video below)

My Interpretation video of Dana’s Dream I will preface this interpretation by stating that many people today have been trained by the mainstream media to dislike the word conspiracy. But consider the history of conspiracies in the Bible, the plots of Absalom, Haman, or the conspiracy against Daniel sending him to the lions’ den. The […]

The Valley of Decision

I have a motivation to awaken the church from deception because my family’s future is dependent on the entire body of Christ waking up from slumber and leading our nation back to God. To be so ignorant of what the forces of evil are trying to bring about – a one-world government under Satan, is […]

Leadership in a New Era

Jesus is the foundation of the church and the word of God is the foundation of all preaching that builds the church into a spiritual building. I believe God enjoys watching the process of leadership happening in churches all over the earth.  Followers of Jesus feel drawn to different groups of people that help them […]

COVID Surges in the Most Vaccinated Nations

Because Americans tend to think independently and are learning to research things for themselves and distrust big government propaganda, I believe an important realization is taking place right now as seen by the vaccination rates dropping. I believe massive awareness and rejection of the whole medical establishment agenda is imminent. I can only imagine the […]

Being Intentional to Make Room for God

Sometimes I ask myself how much I actually know about God and His priorities. I will spend time just trying to get a sense of how He is speaking to me through His word, dreams, and situations. I dwell on understanding His personality and all the attributes that I only know fragments of as I […]

Doing the Unknown and Overcoming your Lack of Experience

Recently after a widespread freeze in Texas and the south, there were reports of people getting hurt with DIY repairs. Here is a procedure I wrote to help me in building a small home that helped me and I hope will help someone else caught in a situation where they are trying to do something […]

An Important Testimony

X-Factor Winner Altiyan Childs Reveals the World’s Most Secret Religion. Initially brought to my attention by  SteveQuayle.com. Recognizing that someone or some organization is not really who they claim to be is difficult, especially if you’ve trusted them much of your life. The work of the Independent Media is very important because they are presenting […]