2021 – The Year of the Great Deception?

I was watching the first episode of “Lie to Me” and asking God to give me, my family, our church, and the nation, the ability to tell if people are lying, especially people in the government. As I have testified several times on this blog, I pray while I watch a movie or when reading the news and it is quite obvious to me from what I read that a large percentage of our government has fallen into a culture of lying as if practicing a new “religion” where the end justifies the means. An ideological dream has overtaken many top influencers to control people through technology and genetic modifications to form a new world order. This totalitarian mindset now grips many government agencies in the US and around the world and comes with their alliances to NGOs, the mainstream media, and tech giants. As many German citizens described after World War Two, something now also comes to us as government edicts drip by drip.

Back to the TV series “Lie to Me.” As I watched and took in all the intriguing psychological facts they interject about how a person’s face can reveal if they are lying, a commercial comes on featuring Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush urging people to get the COVID vaccine, what I call the “Not-A-Vaccine.” The three of them stood spaced apart looking serious while the camera tried not to reveal the void of compassion in their eyes, however, I could see a cold determination. I sensed a lie as I gasped out another prayer that God would free us from deception.

We, God’s people, are watching a changing of the wineskins. Many Catholics now look at the Pope as someone they don’t trust anymore. He has called for global governance and vaccines for all.  The same is true for many Protestants as they look at megachurches endorsing COVID vaccines and major evangelical groups like Focus on the Family or Franklin Graham essentially endorsing them – making statements like “Jesus would have taken the vaccine.” Your church and my church stand somewhere on that playing field. They may be holding onto what worked in the past waiting for things to return to normal when they should be trying to synchronize what they are preaching with truth because that is what God will always want to line people up with. God is not afraid that churches may go bankrupt, He is more concerned that we choose to make peace with demonic strategies of mind-control.

How people were made to reject Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and accept the lies of evil elitists is mind-boggling. How they are now trying to talk people into accepting a vaccine passport that would radically alter our culture of liberty and only be good for 6 months is insane. We now live in a culture of lying. 2020 was “The Year of the Hoax” (an act intended to deceive or trick) and 2021 is trying to become “The Year of the Great Deception.” Our greatest cry for help should be for the doctors, lawyers, nurses, and moms that are standing up and speaking out.

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The evil global empire that is attempting to solidify its control knows how to pick off its enemies one at a time. Today I ask God to put Joseph Mercola at the head of the line for answered prayer to meet all his needs. I ask anyone willing to pray this prayer with me, to state that we are willing to step aside for Joseph to go to the head of the line. My specific prayer is that these words would come out of the mouth of at least one of his enemies: “What is going on with what we are trying to do to Joseph Mercola? Is there a God who is on his side?”

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