The 4400, an Overview

One question I had about “The 4400” was whether it was consciously created as an allegory about the faithful witnesses for Jesus in Revelation or whether the prophetic elements of the movie were unconscious. The 4400 experience persecution just as Christians do today. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the 4400 and the media […]

We Live in a Spiritual World

We tend to be of a mindset that assumes we can know most things for certain. We also sometimes compartmentalize our faith as we read the news and evaluate politics – big problem. Assuming we can exclude certain possibilities is a mistake we have learned through our secular educational backgrounds. Even God is under no […]


The Salvation TV series season 2 was aired July 2nd 2018, before COVID-19, and the year 2020 that brought BLM and Antifa into the national spotlight. In season 1 of Salvation, there is an impending massive asteroid impact with earth that creates a crisis only known by a few insiders and the U.S government. Season […]

More Amazing Polly…

The habit of honoring other people, especially brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been given the assignment to accomplish something is important. For those of us who have joined ourselves to a culture of honor toward our truth-telling brethren in the independent media and government, it is only natural to have deep admiration and […]

The Amazing Polly

There are different ways the history of planet earth can end and the best outcomes for all of us, are based on each of us fulfilling the calling that God is beckoning us to fulfill. Accomplishing this takes discipleship. We were never commanded to go and make converts of all nations, we were commanded to […]