Waking Up

Thankful for a truthful testimony spoken by Dr. Carrie Madej: In case you doubt Dr. Madej’s testimony read what Elon Musk is doing, or more shockingly hear him talk about Neuralink: Pray for people everywhere to wake up:Germany Bans Coronavirus Protest Berlin Senator labels protesters “right wing extremists” “Unite for Freedom” Protest on August 29th […]

The Dead Zone, continued…

Starting in season 2, the Dead Zone revolves around an ongoing plot of deep state politicians and players plotting to destroy America. It is very reminiscent of what is going on in our country with the funding of radical political personalities and organizations. Most Christians are pretty ignorant of this information. I would recommend Censored.news […]

If modifying RNA instructions for a potato can be a disaster, what will it mean for Humans who are far more complex

From Living Non-GMO .org: “Dr. Caius Rommens, the scientist who developed the Simplot potatoes released a book in 2018 called Pandora’s Potatoes, in which he heavily criticizes the very same GMO potatoes he created and comes clean about the mistakes he made while making them. His book is full of difficult truths about the pro-GMO […]

More Comparisons from the Perfect Storm of the 1930’s to Today

Radical movements rely on radical indoctrination. We are all affected by indoctrination, both good and bad. Organizations such as the Church of Satan, as well as the Islamic religion codify the right to use deception as a rightful means of managing communication with those not in their group. Both of these groups have gained influence […]

Darkness of World Wide Spiritual War

I believe the churches that are opening are playing a crucial role for the rest of us who call ourselves Christians. God calls different people and denominations to fill different roles. Some churches that are opening will take a bold stand, attempting to draw a red line now, before taking action is futile. Others  will […]