What is a Sufficient Reason for the Craziness we see?

I enjoy hearing all types of people analyze and explain what they see happening in the world and express their concerns. Every angle has something to offer that touches my heart and mind, especially if someone had to suffer through something to get to the place where they can see what is going down. One of the things many with some financial smarts point to is the huge amounts of money being made by those who control the shots (ha!). But those are just collateral incentives. Satan took many years installing his pedophile world leaders and secret society members. Now they have no choice but to obey his quest for a throne to sit on. He is now moving quickly to strip away constitutionally guaranteed liberties from the free people of the world using a planned event we call the COVID pandemic, or the “plandemic,” as it has been called. This planned event is supposed to result in a “vaccine” taken by 70 percent of the world’s population for a reason we don’t fully know. It will also produce an economic collapse that necessitates controls on people overnight. The one-world government agenda led by the UN and its medical establishment the WHO, and their auxiliary think tank – the WEF has the backing of many compromised leaders. However, they are literally picking a fight with our glorified Lord Jesus. Of course, they have seriously miscalculated and will soon see their plan run into God the Holy Spirit and the Father’s delight to use His children to stop such an evil power grab. They think they have one wild card left that we don’t know about and it has something to do with UFO’s (I call them U.S.E.’s – Unidentified Spiritual Entities), These entities have created problems throughout history, as the Bible tells us, and mascaraed as angels (or objects) of light. Nothing should surprise us at this point? We have been wondering what’s next for over a year now.

I can tell you what’s next – it’s God’s move now. God will not allow the devil to implode Jesus’ pathway for redeeming people. So you can expect some sparks to fly the rest of this year as God, with your involvement, deals with the globalist script for this world. Take some time to listen to The Ice Age Farmer regarding the globalist script. They need to amplify every crisis to propel their radical agenda – the Satanic one-world government. Do your own online research on the “seat of Satan” to see the history of governments following unseen spiritual agendas.

Critical audio update from Mike Adams:

A Gideon Type of Prayer Warrior

My identity is that I am a child of God, a worshipper, and a prayer warrior. This identity is not something anyone can take away from me – it is simply not possible. My wife or family members cannot take it away, my church cannot excommunicate me from that identity, nor can I be evicted or deported from fulfilling that calling. I see what is happening in our nation and the nations of the world and I know that it is all about Satan attempting to be seated on the one-world government “throne.” He is more than willing to kill as many people as he needs to with a fake vaccine to seize this objective. He is mainly using the secret societies of this world and the blackmailed pedophile leaders of this world to push the various planned events, including an economic collapse. Someday the price-fixing that is taking place through self-sabotage and external sabotage, such as the recent gas pipeline hack will be more fully understood. The attacks that are happening to one key production facility and food processing source after another will be disclosed and hopefully, we will see the connection to those that planned them.

Many of us are also fighting interpersonal blowouts, even as these big picture events are being triggered. I have had several major issues erupt this past week, which seems to defy the odds for a single week. I track what the enemy is doing, I don’t fret over what the enemy is planning. I keep watch in this world to be a Gideon type of prayer warrior, where I am aware of what is going on around me but choose to obey God and let Him do the heavy lifting.

The Movie: The Pushback captures March 20, 2021 – The Day the World Stood Together.
We Do Not Consent!

More Evidence on Discovering a Conspiracy

Here is more evidence that there is something wrong with the tremendous push to get people vaccinated for a disease that should rarely be fatal, and can be treated cheaply and effectively with  HCQ & Ivermectin. A disease where deaths by vaccine now exceed the deaths by the disease itself (using corrected numbers that account for the distortion incentives given in the medical system). This quote is found on none less than Craigslist and can be found in many other places online from early May news reporting. Thank God for people who cared enough to do something to spread truthful words. The ad says:

Senator Rand Paul says he will not get a Covid-19 vaccine because he already had the virus, flouting the advice of experts on the disease. “Until they show me evidence that people who have already had the infection are dying in large numbers, or being hospitalized or getting very sick, I just made my own personal decision that I’m not getting vaccinated because I’ve already had the disease and I have natural immunity,” Mr. Paul told the conservative talk radio station WABC.

Of course, the opposition gets outraged at such testimonies.

Understand What is Happening Right Now

If you are being plagued with accusations from the devil over your past sins and have fallen into the bad habit of still condemning yourself, try praying for people who are being hurt by the same type of things you fell into. Pour out your prayers every time those thoughts come to your mind. As a side benefit, I believe the devil will stop constantly condemning you. Let this be your reaction to remembering your past mistakes instead of self-condemnation. Determine to develop a prayer life that will make the devil pay for enticing you into evil actions.

But consider our glorious God. Psalm 104: 2 NIV tells us God is clothed with light and that we were created in His image. “The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent.” I like what John Bevere writes: “The fear of God isn’t to be scared of Him it’s to be terrified of being away from Him.”

This statement takes on an even more graphic portrait when we consider what fallen angels have become simply because they are no longer close to God and have morphed into their current dark state separated from God’s Spirit. They are no longer clothed with the fire of God or filled with His nature.

Hebrews 1:7 ESV
Of the angels he says,
“He makes his angels winds,
and his ministers a flame of fire.”

This also happened to humans at the fall in the Garden of Eden where Adam & Eve immediately saw they had changed. Human demeanor continues to degrade as people get involved in more grotesque sins and crimes against humanity.

The book: The Discovery of Genesis, how the truths of Genesis were found hidden in the Chinese language, by C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson, is an amazing explanation of how early Chinese word pictures are composed of symbols that tell the creation story. On pages 41 and 42 the word First and the word Fire are shown as built from sub-picture elements (strokes) that contain facts found in Genesis that describe how Adam & Eve radiated light and fire that covered their body.

Our nation and every nation have been influenced and deceived by fallen angels. We have accepted scientific theory and political policies they have pushed? Most recently, we have even accepted their medical mandates. If we were better able to visualize the methods the devil uses, such as secret societies and how they operate, we would be able to guard our nation better. There is a strategy behind keeping the lower levels of secret societies blinded to the true nature of the top-level – open Satanism. It looks like there is a massive effort coming against us right now from these spirit beings and their human collaborators because those entities know their time is short. However, this massive effort will collide with God Himself and with God’s children, whom He is so “papa-proud” to send forth to fight evil.

We can join the concert of prayer for people still blinded and trapped by sin. Heaven forbid we continue to accept the devil’s condemnations. The goal of the amazing promises in 1 John 1:9 and Romans 10: 9-11 (His unchanging word) is that we receive the power of God to constantly overcome sin. I finally got through Altiyan Child’s five-hour documentary taking it in 20-minute chunks. If the middle part of the documentary is too graphic for you skip over it. His closing remarks are very important.

Why Are There So Many UFO Sightings Recently?

I have made an observation about how we are being fed material to affect our emotions and beliefs over the past year and a half simply by noticing what Amazon pushes in front of me on their Amazon Prime video recommendations. It is one thing for their AI to say: “Because you watched this movie four times in a row!!! You will also like this other movie.” But I noticed all the pandemic movies they pushed in front of me in early 2020 and I am now noticing all the UFO movies they are pushing. Let me guess, someone will be hosting an Event 301 on UFO invasion preparedness soon. As you can imagine a UFO “plandemic” could be very effective at imploding the economy especially if the “Aliens” tell us to stop increasing the carbon dioxide levels or skip that step and just tell us they require us to have a one-world government leader they can deal with.

Both Steve Quayle and Greg Hunter are two of my favorite independent news researchers and reporters. I wanted to quote from a recent interview Greg Hunter did of Steve Quayle and simply add one thing that Rick Joyner, who is a history researcher mentioned. I am sorry I don’t have a link for this, but Rick said that historically there has been an uptick in UFO sightings just before the outbreak of major revivals. Rick has spent decades studying history and did extensive research on the Welsh revival of 1904, retrieving many newspaper articles from that time period. I would guess that many of those UFO sighting claims came from that time period. The full Steve Quayle interview is at this link (Big Alien Lies Revealed). The below quote also deals with the impact of what is ahead due to the current plandemic:

Steve explains, “I think this fall and winter are going to turn into a fall and winter of heartbreak previously unimagined.  There will be shortages of everything that you used to be able to get.  I predict the word ‘selection’ will change to ‘availability.’  You won’t have the things you need.  It’s the globalist reset.  The globalist reset is simply this:  They will create the chaos that will destroy the old world and bring in their new world under Lucifer.  This is the Biblical construct of the Beast and the Anti-Christ. . . . The pro-vaccine destroyers will go against the truth tellers in total ruthlessness…”

I hope you will prepare some. Both of their sites have practical advice on topics such as inflation and preparedness:

A Short Lesson on How to Discover a Conspiracy

Look for some subject that is extremely important that is not open for discussion. This is most obviously depicted by today’s closed discussion on vaccines in the mainstream media & tech giant platforms. Especially concerning is that the church is either silent or supports vaccines because it makes them look “law-abiding.” This issue as well as our mandate to disciple nations, which includes voting intelligently is ignored. We are also commanded to take care of the planet and watch out for conspiracies of the devil against us. The church in its current form is quickly becoming irrelevant to fulfilling the great commission.

  • Look for unanimously supported issues by some political group or the major media no matter how irrational or scientifically untrue.
  • Look for the use of sentimental arguments that override truth.
  • Watch out for leaders who urge acceptance of edicts first before it can be thoroughly discussed or investigated.
  • Look for cover-ups.
  • Look for issues that are a complete violation of human rights.

The below quote from the Epoch Times BY MEILING LEE points to the agenda for a solution that is not necessary.

“People who had mild COVID-19 have long-lasting antibody protection, according to a study by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Scientists found that individuals who have recovered from a mild case of COVID-19 have long-lived plasma cells in their bone marrow that secretes low levels of antibodies against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus for possibly a lifetime.”

The COVID vaccine is being pressured on people, like nothing in our past experience despite the fact there are at least two excellent medications that can cure COVID, HCQ & Ivermectinsomething is definitely wrong. The COVID death numbers are way overinflated and the experimental vaccine deaths and injuries are greatly underreported.

John Locke was the English philosopher and physician who wrote extensively about natural law and inspired our founding fathers, thus leaving his fingerprints on our constitution. I love hearing truth from people who have experienced lies and tyranny and have expounded on what they know. I like the discussion of natural law because it flows from the fact that we were created in the image of God and thus the treatment of humans requires they be treated with honor. Our founding fathers who wrote the constitution thought this way.

Listen to the words of another J. Locke from our day: the first chapter of “The End of All Evil” by Jeremy Locke, 2005, or download the book: pdf book.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Young people take a stand


The Bible is a historical account of a conspiracy that started in heaven. The chief conspirator and 33 percent of the angels, remember that number, were cast here to earth for following Lucifer’s plot. So it should not surprise you that the most important things the evil realm does are through conspiracies. Fallen mankind separated from God continually gets sucked into helping the devil conspire to inflict his hatred against those made in God’s image. We owe Jesus everything for coming to destroy the works of the devil. Those of us who are His devoted followers now likewise pursue that work.

Just as there have been many Antichrists throughout history. So there will be several marks of the beast as trial runs leading up to the final Antichrist and the final mark of the beast. The COVID mRNA vaccines are certainly a trial “mark” and come with a goal to kill people before their time. You will be blessed if you wait for God’s move against this very ill-conceived solution of man.

Mark Of The Beast Version 1.0 (version 2.0 or maybe it’s 3.0 is the one that permanently strips you of the possibility of going to heaven). But this one will also affect the destinies of many people.

The devil uses false religion, various philosophies, and warped political ideology to deceive those he in turn will use to deceive others. Satan’s kingdom is not an honorable club. He kills those who outlive their usefulness, he will never be sorry for giving you so much grief in life, nor will he ever give you a break. We set our affections on these three: the one who willingly died on a Roman cross for us, on our Heavenly Father who conceived of this plan and sent Jesus for us, and for the Holy Spirit who has not given up on us and who daily gives us so much “bearing-with love.”

Spoiler Alert – Skip this Post if you want to Watch Stargirl 2020 First, but Make it Quick – The Battle is Nigh

My blog has a category called Prophetic Media that contains my observations about something I feel God has slipped into popular Hollywood culture without the author’s awareness. I believe God does this to plant seeds in the hearts of those he will draw to Himself.


To me, Stargirl is about a huge conspiracy that the kingdom of fear and hate is producing resisted only by the kingdom of love and light. Similar to The Avengers movie, the members of the kingdom of love and light must learn to work together. Their interaction is not perfect, but despite some tension, they grow from one another. Stargirl is a picture of Philippians 2:15 – “Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” On the other hand, the kingdom of fear and hate live in perpetual discord and are always willing to kill off anyone that does not suit their purposes.

This drama begs to represent what is going on in our country right now and takes place in the fictitious city of Blue Valley, Nebraska which to me represents blue governor states that are involved in a real-world conspiracy. It is revealed that the city of Blue Valley was built by the Freemasons who constructed a network of tunnels underneath it for their covert operations – I almost fell off my chair when I heard that line. The Freemasons who established it call themselves “the other founding fathers” which happens to be an accurate comparison of the two groups who actually founded our nation – God-fearing men who wrote our constitution vs. the Freemasons, typified by our one-dollar bill with its all-seeing eye over the pyramid (Annuit means winking with the eyes, and Coeptis means undertakings. This is explained further by Mr. Childs in his documentary). Secret societies are the core corruption that has been in our nation from the beginning. JFK tried to warn us. The show depicts how Freemasons make friends with their most hated enemies.

The typical nature of the Injustice Society of America (ISA) is that of witchcraft:
One of the things that Iceman’s family line does is to pray evil prayers in their native tongue that only they understand. They pray in their European language where they curse their enemies at the dinner table. This is a picture of old money families such as the Rothchild.

The typical nature of the Justice Society of America (JSA) is to forgive:
The people in the Justice League are typified by their willingness to forgive each other for wrongs they have done and accept the imperfections of their fellow members.

The focus of the plot is on an unknown evil conspiracy the ISA is working on:
The ISA has put together a plan to take control of the minds of all the people who are already poisoned by them in some way by using technology. This sounds too much like the evil COVID vaccine augmented by something (maybe 5G technology)? This conspiracy ultimately purposes to allow them to control people’s minds. “Brainwave,” a villain declares “when we begin our broadcast, the Gambler will trigger a communications blackout across the United States blinding the Pentagon and routing the attack through Moscow. By the time they realize it’s coming from within the US, it will be too late.

Keep in mind that Brainwave’s ability is mind control. His ability gets amplified by a broadcast across a large portion of the United States. They admit there will be a significant cost to this process in loss of life. But in the end, people’s minds will be reprogrammed. Brainwave declares those people will think like them. This modified populous will be willing to fight for them if need be since they doubt the rest of the country will accept their overthrow quietly. Brainwave lays his hand on Icicle’s shoulder and congratulates him. Brainwave says: “after all this time your dreams of a better society and a new America are about to become reality.” There are more prophetic elements in the last two episodes about how the ISA stands with many social and environmental issues as part of its overall image.

I believe the next four months will reveal the rollout of this plan – see my most important blog post to date: Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script or Video version). Altiyan Childs presents many facts that also point to a depopulation event. His original 5-hour video, removed from YouTube for bullying, what a joke, is must-watch training material for mature audience individuals who give a darn – watch it on Brighteon. Altiyan tells us that this below quote is a point-blank look at the immediate future, as forecasted by Aleister Crowley in his book:

This is what it takes to create the New World Order:

A new Satanic Age is what the devil wants and has been planning for a long time. Part of it has been declared on The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

The Testimonies are Pouring In

Many people have an inherent weakness of not being capable of seeing a conspiracy brewing. But the testimony of the Bible is that fallen mankind separated from God continually gets sucked into helping the devil plan and carry out his hatred against human beings.

Dr. Stella Immanuel Says She’s Convinced That COVID Is Spiritual Warfare, Not Medical Battle

This amazing summary article by Allnewspipeline.com is well worth reading, especially moving is the video at the bottom.

Millions Are Awakening To The Covid-19 Trojan Horse Being Used To Implement A Tyrannical New Era For Humanity, The Great Reset And The Diabolical Depopulation Agenda 

The Kingdom of Fear and Hate vs the Kingdom of Love and Light – Strategies for the Battles Ahead

The devil isn’t too concerned that the plot to depopulate the world through vaccines will be discovered. All he cares about is getting his one-world government established. He doesn’t care how much the world burns down when people discover the lie about the COVID vaccines. That too is a part of his plan to bring his forces under the banner of the United Nations into the United States as “peacekeepers” and then supersede the role of the USA in the world. Good doctors like Peter McCullough (link) are perplexed at what is being done through the medical establishment because they don’t know the big picture agenda.


I don’t want to propose my plans for defending your home and family. I would much rather have God’s plans for winning the war against our enemies. The only strategy He has revealed right now is prayer, opening people’s eyes to what is going on, and the plan of revival. So I refuse to go down the path of trying to figure out how to load up with guns and ammo. I don’t want to live according to my own imagination but rather by God’s plans. World war II was won by code-breaking. The best way to break the enemy’s code today is to get into a prayer group that has a prophetic core to it that can give you strategic information that you could not know about otherwise – that core is also available on the internet.

We have all watched documentaries of battles where the good guys had no chance of winning simply because they were matched up against odds that were overwhelming. We must take the words of Jesus in Luke 14:31 to heart and size up every battle situation and estimate if we have what is sufficient to win. And most importantly surrender everything to Jesus. In some situations, we have to save our own people so they can fight another day.

When you see a plan that won’t work, you long to influence it and make it into a plan that will work. But many times we are not given the influence to help shape the plan. That is a tragedy in life. We can’t go back in time and change what happened in chaotic upheavals of the past, but we can accept that we must have a plan to handle riots and fires close to us. Many people literally need a grab-and-go bag and a plan to get their family out of the neighborhood if it is suddenly caught up in riots because flames are likely to follow that may make it impossible to get out.

This post assumes you have seen:
Dana Coverstone’s Recent Flaming Spear Dream Interpreted (Script or Video)