Nefarious Control Campaigns

Let’s start with some satire to make this easier to swallow.

How To Be More Obedient

If you want to sniff out top down evil campaigns look for the catchy smear labels that the mainstream media uses. I believe the mainstream media and tech giants are the greatest force of evil in our country. They are gifted at crafting labels designed to win campaigns.

  • AntiVaxer
  • Conspiracy theorist
  • Anti-abortion activist

Also look for the things that demons want such as:

  • A human sacrifice of an innocent person
  • Turning you into a cyborg for their control using modifications to the design of the human body.
  • Maintaining self-acting leadership in agencies that have ties with Communism, Islam, or spiritual elements that are tied to secret societies or even way back to operation paperclip after WW2.

James Corbett of the presents a video packed with facts on how the lockdowns cause poverty, food insecurity, and death:

Some satire of my own:
When the Anti-Christ calls you on the phone and asks you to shut your church, don’t say “yes sir, we’ll do that right away.” That is essentially what has happened.  Of course, the Antichrist won’t call you directly, he will be too busy attending meetings at the World Economic Forum. He will go through the medical establishment chain of command down to your local health department. The people who run medical licensing boards who threaten doctors every day with financial ruin through de-licensing them for providing proven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) need to be removed and the system of licensing completely redone. Of course in all seriousness, there really could be a pandemic that was so deadly that we would need to close our churches for a period of time – but this is not that.

Finally some news on the greatest threat to the world right now – the vaccine from hell. Even if all the promoters, manufacturers, and supporting politicians took this vaccine first, I would not. I get the same feeling about this vaccine as I did about Obamacare. When it was handed out to Congress they were told they should just vote for it without reading it. This RNA vaccine is far more complicated than the rushed through11,000-page Affordable Care Act, and concern about it should be far greater.

Hal Turner:
“This new COVID-19 vaccine is nothing like the old.   This new vaccine contains “messenger RNA”  Ribonucleic-acid; a base level of Deoxy-ribonucleic-acid (DNA). It “programs” the human into whom it is injected so that human’s DNA triggers a response to what would be COVID-19. The trouble is, scientists don’t know exactly what ELSE this RNA might “program” once it is let loose inside a human! It might start re-programming OTHER aspects of human DNA.   In a horrifying possibility, once unleashed, these “messenger RNA” particles could turn someone from human into . . . . not human! There’s no way to tell. Worse, there’s no way to UNDO what this messenger RNA does.  The changes are permanent and cannot be undone.”

Quoted from <>

If you still need something to help you visualize this find a zombie movie to watch.

It’s time to hand out flyers – A Flyer idea

Feel free to copy any or all of this information to adapt to your own paper or website flyer. “This is Zion and we are Not Afraid” – The Matrix Reloaded

2020 the Year of the Hoax

Hoax – “An act intended to deceive or trick.
Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.”
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

***Breaking*** Overall US Death Rates for 2018 through 2020 Basically the Same

Here is part of the actual bombshell release. It comes from the Johns Hopkins student-run newsletter that interviewed their Assistant Program Director of the Applied Economics Masters Degree Program, Genevieve Briand, and charts that she provided:  A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19:
Quoted information from the newsletter (read the whole newsletter at

“…However, when taking a closer look at the death numbers, she noted something strange. As Briand compared the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018, she noticed that instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, as seen in the graph below, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.”

Read the full newsletter linked from as well as this super important message from General Flynn:

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon

2020 the Year of the Hoax

Hoax – “An act intended to deceive or trick.
Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.”
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • Coronavirus creation, fear-mongering, and CDC data manipulation
  • Burn it all down so we can “Build Back Better”
  • The 2020 Election Steal
  • The Vaccine from Hell

*** This is worth setting aside your normally scheduled church sermon and listening to. Then pray and decide what to do:
WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon

Important video interview:
Video: Trevor Loudon

Overall US Death Rates for 2018 through 2020 Basically the Same

This is a very important exposure of the campaign to lie with data that has been going on all year. It is time to end the hyped-up COVID fear propaganda and go back to work, business, socializing, and your church, as usual, dealing with sickness as we always have. Only patronize businesses that drop the role of enforcing a lie and requiring people to wear masks. Thank God for individuals like Genevieve Briand who published this report despite repercussions that would seem very likely. Don’t let the risk she took go in vain. The organization that she works under, Johns Hopkins, was part of the questionable Event 201 “simulation” on a “hypothetical” Coronavirus that was actually breaking out in China at that very time according to some reports.

Johns Hopkins: “No Evidence That COVID-19 Created Any Excess Deaths”

Here is the actual bombshell release. It comes from the Johns Hopkins student-run newsletter that interviewed their Assistant Program Director of the Applied Economics Masters Degree Program, Genevieve Briand, and charts that she provided:  A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19

The core of what is published in the above link is focused in this quote:

“As Briand compared the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018, she noticed that instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, as seen in the graph below, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.”

Masked Agenda – Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

God’s Designs Are Perfect

I think the subject of vaccines is the most critical subject facing us right now. It appears that the release of the Coronavirus was a planned event and the design of it took years of NIH funding and a transfer to Wuhan (see Plandemic 2). I believe the purpose of all that effort was to unleash a vaccine that would alter our DNA, make us more controllable, and usher in the one-world government of the Antichrist. And if that was not enough there is also the Build Back Better campaign to usher in global communism after a worldwide economic collapse. There is only one problem for the devil – God has a different plan. Prophetically God has told us there will be a mighty revival that will start in the United State and spread around the world. It is going to be frustrating for the globalists to have their carefully laid plans wrecked by God, so things are likely to get a little ugly. We are partners with God, not spectators, and Jesus himself will step into this world now through the person of the Holy Spirit. We must deal with The Vaccine From Hell (<<< important***), but we have finally gotten to the point where the fight is “worthy” of Jesus, the Lord of angel armies to step in.

Here is an introduction to the amazing Dave Hodges talking about one small piece of the global control puzzle, then in the following link an important action plan for us to consider.

Executing the 10% Solution Is the Only Way to Avoid the “Final Solution”

There is something much better about the way God does things than the way man does things. God works through liberty and freewill – man works through control. There are demons that specialize in this craving for control that even operate in churches with strict procedures who discourage anyone from trying something creative to spread the gospel, because “it’s just not done that way here.” But, God’s ways are beautiful.

Think about all the litter on the ground, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, stuff that looks bad. They are the byproducts of the things we made. But when God designs something to have a lifespan of usefulness and fall to the ground it has a more pleasing look. (I am not talking about the end of animal and human life – that was our doing). I can’t draw a dividing line between what God intended and what was the result of the fall, but I do see processes that have beauty despite the fall.

The growth and life cycle of a tree that ultimately falls in the forest and has moss growing on it, or washed out rocks along a creek that flooded in winter, or stars that end in beautiful supernovas all point to an artistic effort. Leaves constantly fall to the ground. They die and fall off the trees but they don’t look ugly on the ground. They have an artistic appeal with complementary colors, shapes, and even twirling motion as they fall to the ground. We would be pretty proud of our trash if it was designed to crumple up and tear apart in such beautiful shapes and colors, then decompose to form nutrients for plants.

Man has not done a very good job forecasting the effects of our “creations” which has led to many problems in the environment. How can we be so confident and reckless about developing new biological processes for fighting disease – I am talking about the new, never before used RNA vaccines. The Vaccine From Hell, linked above. Also, see these posts:

If modifying RNA instructions for a potato can be a disaster, what will it mean for Humans who are far more complex

Concerns about Vaccines that manipulate our DNA

The Detailed Plans of God are Hidden

My heart is tuned into what Frank Amedia said a couple of days ago about the election crisis, that we must now rest in God without focusing on what, and if, and how. I continue to pray for the workers of truth, the investigators of truth, and the tellers of truth, but God will do something with this time and this process of waiting for justice. Hold on… Pray… Hold on.

The Hezekiah moment:  2 Kings 19 New King James Version


I have learned from Mario Murillo that God purposely uses delays to accomplish something in the human realm regarding waiting for God’s promise of revival. It is a bit of a mystery, but I think it has to do with our soul, not just coaching us to think differently. It is a humbling process. God gives us an amazing promise but we have to wait for it. I believe God allows his promises to be delayed to test us and “temper” us like steel, so we become tougher through it all.

Here is what metal experts tell us about tempering steel:
“After you harden a metal, …, and introduce internal stresses after the rapid cooling inherent in the process, steel is often both harder than needed and too brittle. The answer may be to temper the steel to reduce that brittleness and remove or relieve the internal stresses.” 

Quoted from <>

God’s Beauty is also Hidden

God created beauty, He is the cause of it.
The cause of something is always greater than the effect of what we see.
Therefore God is the most beautiful being in the universe.

Psalm 96:6 (TPT)
Breathtaking brilliance and awe-inspiring majesty
radiate from his shining presence.
His stunning beauty overwhelms all who come before him.

Right now we are living in a brief moment of eternity where we are being invited into the inner circle of those who will get to see God’s beauty. This is an opportunity that must be accepted by faith. Before time began God knew that the people He wanted to share eternity with would have to accept Him through faith. This opportunity could only be legitimate if it was accepted despite trials and human reasoning that seemed to contradict God’s word. Those of us who accept His invitation would have to press through these things by faith.

Not everyone will get to see the beauty of the Lord. Some people will simply refuse to approach him in faith and will never establish a relationship with Him. They will only learn about the reality of God when the opportunity to be invited into His inner courts is passed. Others will profess an initial relationship with Him but will never seek Him daily with all their hearts. I believe those people will also miss seeing the depth of the beauty and awesomeness of God. They will make heaven their home, but they will not be what the Bible calls “the bride of Christ.” They are the ones that received a paper marriage license but never learned to love and walk with God in a daily intimate relationship with Him through His word and prayer.

The Matrix (1999)

Dr. Madej’s video message linked here is extremely important:


Dr. Madej recommends watching The Matrix. It is a very prophetic movie about seeing things the way they really are. Early on, Morpheus declares to Neo a question: “I don’t know if you are ready for what I want to show you?” Neo does respond to this voice of truth and makes the choice to take the Red pill and become spiritually awake. He becomes part of a team of freedom fighters seeking to overcome the forces of the unreal world designed by programmers in the same sense that events in our world are designed by elite “programmers” like Bill Gates, the WHO, and the WEF. Neo is now part of Zion, representing the body of Christ, however, not everyone in that body believes in the prophetic gifting, which God has given to help us tactically and strategically. Morpheus is an apostolic warrior. The “agents” are evil spirits, which constantly oppose the freedom fighters (believers). As in the movie, we can be oppressed and affected by demons. Leo learns to use his gifting and receives prophetic ministry from The Oracle. Leo represents one of the Sons of God, given powerful demonstration gifts that will play an important role in overcoming the enemy. If you have never received prophetic ministry, you should consider this. In my local area, we have The Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley. Consider their online ministry.

In both the first and second movies someone becomes a Judas. The body of Christ can be likewise infiltrated by false teachers, false prophets, and false brethren – this is an issue to watch carefully. Cypher becomes offended at the conditions of his service and having to follow the lead of Morpheus, even as, Matthew 24:10 NKJV tells us many will be offended and betray one another. Their evil mission then, like Judas, is to betray. In our faith, God does not force people to believe. So many people pick and choose what they believe about the Christian faith. In reference to those who do not believe in prophecies, Morpheus says “my beliefs do not require them to …” Watch these movies then watch the fake news and feel the correlation in your spirit to the un-real world of the matrix. Remember that the metaphor of flying could translate to an amazing gift of singing, writing, leading, etc. Morpheus’s speech in Zion in the “Reloaded” movie is about shedding their fear of what is ahead. “We must first shed our fear of it,” Morpheus tells them that he is not afraid because he remembers how he got there and he focuses on the fact that they are all still alive (think COVID fear-mongering).

We have to have mental hooks to put knowledge on or it is hard to learn and even remember things. It has been said, “some things can’t be taught they must be lived.” Living life on fallen planet Earth is where the mental hooks come from. God has invested much patience and forbearance with each one of us to get us to the place where we are ready for what He wants to show us. This world has been a battleground of deception since Eve talked with the serpent in the garden. Keith Green identifies part of the problem in his song “No One Believes in Me Anymore.”

God wants to break us out of the grip of deception. Two important metaphor’s in the Bible about us as people, liken us to children and sheep. Each metaphor captures something important that we need to know about ourselves. On the positive side, these names reveal the precious tender nature of trusting God. But there are also vulnerabilities. Think about the essence of a child – they have to be protected from evil until they have grown to maturity and sheep require a shepherd that is aware of dangers around them.

In Matthew 13 Jesus taught how a godly nation can drift from God and become secularized and hardened. In verse 14 Jesus says the issue is when we look and pretend to see, but the eyes of our hearts are closed spiritually. This makes it easy for evil to creep into everything we do through business, government, education, and other centers of power including the media.

Matthew 13:14  (TPT)

It is important that we invite God’s Spirit to give us wisdom daily to understand the news and ever-growing deceptions, such as vaccines and the agenda of the World Economic Forum.

We will always be vulnerable to deception, according to Matthew 24:4-5. The most important indicator of an evil political movement is either a false religious foundation or an atheistic foundation. Those who have studied communist agitator tactics have told us that one important tactic they employ is to bombard people with false claims given by as many different people as possible. The sheer quantity of sources gives the claim greater believe-ability. We as a nation can deal with crime, riots, and destruction of property, but how can we deal with coordinated deception and lies. This is the role tech giants and the mainstream media are playing right now and it is my greatest prayer for God’s help.

The 2015 movie “Experimenter,” was based on a real-life study that showed how few people actually take action to stop evil from being perpetrated on another human being. We owe the truth-tellers in the independent media a great debt – they have been the 3% that take action. Never was so much owed by so many to so few – as Winston Churchill said it. Listen to some or all of this until you get something to pray over:

Sheila Zilinsky hosts a Fast Paced Unpacking of what’s happening

Radical movements in every age have used propaganda and emotional speeches to motivate people to devote themselves to a movement – CNN does this non-stop. The word of God is the only thing you can lay ahold of that can anchor your life into the truth that God, the only one we can fully trust, affirms in your heart. His written word, the Bible, outranks all other words, including prophetic words.

History is God’s Story (His-Story) and No One Makes it off the Planet Without Taking God’s History Test

Just as history is His-Story, yet it gets rewritten to support an agenda. So the real news of the day should be our prayer list for that day, yet it gets diverted and scripted by the mainstream media to support “THE AGENDA”.

I hate to tell you but sites like mine will soon be designated BAD and unworthy of being read. This is the only news your need today. I pray to God we will all do what we can.

US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

Psalm 72:12-14
He will care for the needy and neglected
when they cry to him for help.
The humble and helpless will know his kindness,
for with a father’s compassion he will save their souls.
14 They will be rescued from tyranny and torture,
for their lifeblood is precious in his eyes.

There are things that I am learning about our world this year that are more easily observed during this crisis. It is an opportunity to see close-up radical leftist totalitarian control trying to steal our liberty. Our country is very unique and God used its formation to release liberty into the world in a greater way. I recently finished a BBC movie series about the reign of King Henry in 1460. It showed the control the combined church-state in England possessed which allowed them to burn people at the stake for merely holding a conviction they drew from reading the word of God, that differed from the Catholic church.

Much of my inspiration for this post is from Rick Joyner’s weekly Word-For-The-Week – Concepts like “His-Story,” and us all being tested in life. see for yourself.

The Irrational Face of Evil seen Through the Movie “The Dark Knight”

I see the movie The Dark Knight (2008) as a prophetic warning about a dark night. Of course, assigning metaphorical meaning to a movie requires some artistic license, but 2020, so far, has been the introduction to this time of evil that will necessitate a fight to keep America from losing the liberties we love. Evildoers have risen up as “the mob” led by the ultimate persona of evil choreographed as the Joker – a picture of Satan. Stopping “the steal” of election 2020 is the greatest example of “organized crime” we have ever witnessed. The Joker represents a deceiver of great intellect, filled with hatred for Gotham City (America). The Joker is capable of extensive planning, yet he is a person whose goals are not understood by the people who join him.

Alfred tells Bruce that “the mob turned to a man they didn’t fully understand,” just as many people of this world, such as BLM, don’t realize what an unfaithful partner they have tied into with their calling on the dead.  The devil does not want money, but like the Joker, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” The Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10)1

In one scene the question is asked “who appointed Batman.” Gordon answers: “We did, all of us who stood by and did nothing while scum took over the streets.” What we are facing now in America is the culmination of decades of willful neglect. But God will go to extraordinary measures to preserve this world from being destroyed before the end of the age. America is the pivotal nation the world turns on. Batman represents the sons of God (men & women who are dedicated, gifted, and trained by God). God’s servants must be willing to fight anonymously and be “chased and bitten by dogs”. Conversely, the copy-cat Batmen represent people who will try to do things and produce miracles without knowing Jesus.

I feel like the two ferries, late in the movie, represent the Republican and Democratic parties. They take a paper ballot vote on each ferry to decide what to do. Both parties have been given detonators which represent the potential selfish illegal things either side could do based on their own self-interest to “win” a contest (see the similar Benjamin Franklin quote). The democratic process is bound by this weakness of self-centered actions. The ferry scene alternates with the Swat team going in for the wrong targets, where the good guys are made to look like the bad guys by putting clown masks on them. This is exactly what the mainstream media helps to do in our day. They make the people trying to do what is right look like clowns – the bad guys. Things in our day are being flipped upside down. The dictates of rulers are attacking the good guys. Good is called evil and evil is called good. Isaiah 5:20 see the footnote in The Passion Translation quoted here:

“Their moral code is reversed as sin is accepted as something good. Not content to abandon what is good, they must label it as evil. Those who abandon the absolute standards of God’s Word will find a reversal of every true virtue. Good is mocked and evil is embraced. Light is ridiculed and darkness is worn like a cloak. The sweetness of God is called bitter; the bitterness of sin is called sweet.

In both of these situations, the Joker tries to get humans to do the killing, rather than kill the people himself. This is what the devil does in wars, especially civil wars.

Here are 5 typical strategies of the devil displayed by the Joker:

  • Hidden messages such as the Joker cards represent the devil’s style of flaunting his plans in plain sight. Satan hides his plans in overt statements made by world leaders, as well as embedding them in some art forms such as heavy metal music. See this article and embedded videos:

”One of the first things I learned about the elites is that they have a code of ethics. Their code of ethics is not the same as …mine, we who believe the word of God and the Bible………one of the facets of their code of ethics is they must tell the world everything they are going to do before they do it and this is where the word “buzzwords” come in.” – Lindsey Williams

  • Leading citizens get targeted by the Joker (Judge, DA, Commissioner) which is a demonic strategy. This is why we are commanded to pray for our leaders.
  • Many times the Joker reminds Batman and Gordon of their mistakes and failures – how many people they let die. Satan likes to accuse and remind us of our failures. He is the accuser of the brethren  (Revelation 12:10).
  • The Joker uses the mentally ill and those susceptible to demonic urges to carry out attacks. This has happened in real life at the 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting, the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, and the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
  • The crime world is dis-unified even when led by the Joker it is ruled by betrayal and fear – this is a Satanic effect.

Finally, the Joker puts a gun in Harvey Dent’s hand and gets him to do something in fleshly anger knowing the trauma he experienced would trigger hatred. The devil looks for a way to drag us into hatred. Dent goes on a rampage of revenge from that trigger point. We must guard against hate-based retaliation. This will lead to the fulfillment of Matt 24:10 “And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.” It can become a downward spiral, driving people into the hands of demonic involvement through the release of extreme hatred. 

Because the devil also lives in this world of ours we are forced to make many moral choices as depicted with the forced decision to save Rachel or Dent. Sometimes what we must do is terribly imperfect. But we must guard against becoming inflexible and unwilling to view things from another’s point of view which will result in the breakdown of our republic.


  1. The actor Heath Ledger who played the Joker died from an accidental overdose of prescription medications including painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleeping pills soon after the filming of The Dark Knight. Though perhaps not the case here, this is typical of how the devil uses people he gives something to.

Follow Your Instincts

Don’t think we will ever get all the details of evil plans, it doesn’t work that way. We will only be able to see them from the outside and we’ll only have a sense that something’s wrong.

MUST READ American Thinker: Lockdowns Are Serial Killers. End them Now –  by David Solway.

America’s Economy Cannot Survive Another Lockdown, And The Cult Of The Reset Knows It

Senator Rand Paul:
As to the cloth mask mandates, Paul, a physician, said that studies show that they do not work and exist merely as an act of “theater.” …They’re theater,” he said. “If you look at the cloth masks, 97% of virus-sized particles go through a cloth mask, so we’re kidding ourselves”

Dr. Carrie Madej video:
DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna’s mRNA vaccine: the most important information about this insane world in which we are living.

Your Papers Please! USA City Set’s Up Police Checkpoints To Cancel Thanksgiving & To Verify ‘Essential Activity’